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I'm pretty sure that all General Motors V8 engines use the same dwell setting. Most likely you have a distributor with the little pull up door and points with the Allen screw adjuster. The setting is 28 - 32 degrees dwell so just set it as close to 30 degrees dwell as you can.


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The Oldsmobiles were generally all aqua colored; But a few were painted gold also.

The Rocket 350 oldsmobile engines will bolt in as well as the Rocket 455 olds.

To get the computer codes you press the "Off" and Warm" buttons on the A/C unit at the same time.

The 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado came standard equipment with the 3.8L (231 ci) 90 degree V6 engine, The fuel filter on this model should be located forward of the fuel tank. The OEM General Motors replacement inline filter is AC Delco #GF652.

the power steering pump is on the top left of the engine , i think it's the highest point of the serpentine belt route.

An olds 350 engine such as one that they put in the 1979 toronados. Don't think you could put a Chevy 350 in without major mods.

the fuel filter is located on the drivers side next to the bottom of the engine. if you follow the gas line on drivers side to the engine you will see the fuel filter

Open hood and follow side of engine on the front. Should see it. It will be right in middle of car. Easiest to change from bottom though

When replaceing the toronado engine, The intake and carb must come from a toronado or Riviera because it is lower. The 78 came with a 403. A 307 or 455 Olds engine will work also as long as you put the low profile intake on

The engine color is Metallic Marlin Blue.

Viewed from the engine compartment, the blower motor is behind the engine on the firewall, towards the center of the car. It is usually black and has two larger wires running to it, one purple and one black.

You fail mention which engine. Look at the link to the right and choose the correct engine.

Correct gap is .045 for the 3.1 engine.

yes if you have the Oldsmobile motor mounts. If you are asking if engine parts will interchange....Absolutely not.

what is the correct torque for a Toyota Corolla engine - 4E-FE, 1st generation engine?

I would bet no, it did not. The 1973 Oldsmobile engine was painted gold and the Pontiac engine was not.

In 1979 Pontiac did not make available any 455 (cubic inch) engine. The largest available was a 400 4bbl in the Pontiac Trans Am (220 net horsepower). Also the "rocket engine" description was only applicable to the Oldsmobile Division. The 455 Rocket Engine (Oldsmobile) was discontinued in 1977 where the largest engine was the 403 cubic inch Rocket Engine V8 rated at 185 net horsepower available on the 98 (a 350 cubic inch was standard) and the Toronado. It was also sold to the Buick division and available on the Riviera.

"What is the firing order on an 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme 3.4L engine?"

More than likely there is no quick fix for this condition. An engine overhaul or replacement is necessary to correct it.

Oldsmobile had a V-8 available starting in 1949, the engine was one of the early overhead valve engines that performed well.

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