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there is know real level of fill.depending on if its a manual or auto,the manual u will know its full when it over flows where as an auto u just put 500ml in to start then top up if it needs it The correct level is just above the gear and below the ridge above it if it is a manual. You have to remove the speedo cable and drive and the gear si on the part you remove.

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Q: What is the correct filling level for gearbox oil in a 1987 Ford Laser 1.6?
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Gearbox oil filler on Subaru Outback?

fill through the gearbox dipstick tube until correct level achieved

How do you check the gearbox oil level in Mk4 Astra diesel?

There is an oil level plug near to where the left hand drive shaft enters the gearbox. It is quite difficult to get at. I think that a 13mm spanner is the correct size for it.

Where is the gearbox top up level plug on a Saab 9.3 tid 2007 model manual gearbox?

The gearbox top up level on a Saab 9.3 2007 model for a manual gearbox is located underneath the engine inspection cover. It is essential that the car is level when adding oil to the gearbox.

How do you check gearbox oil level Peugeot 206?

how i can check gearbox oil level land rover freelander automatic ?

Where is the drain plug on a 1996 Renault espace automatic gearbox?

its on the bottom of the gearbox sump. but advise this be done by specialist as it requires diagnostic equipment to get fluid to correct level and pressure else it will go into limp mode

Where do you put the fluid for the gearbox of a Manual KN Ford Laser LXI Hatch?

On all the lasers iv'e worked on, you have to top the gearbox level up by removing the speedo out of the gearbox. There is one bolt that holds the speedo in, You will need a 10mm socket to undo it. pull the speedo out. I usually use a screwdriver to pry up on it. The level should be filled up approx. half way up the gear. It's a stupid way of doing it. But that's how you do it. It's weird though cos most laser gearboxs use automatic transmission fliud.

What is this extra 3rd oil fill or vent hole in the lower unit of your 40HP Mercury Mariner outboard at the gearbox area that is not shown in the shop manual?

The top two holes are a fill level, and a vent hole. Remove both of these plugs when filling the gearcase to ensure proper oil level, and ease of filling.

Where is the gearbox oil level indicator on a vw caravelle vr6 auto?

There is no level indicator on the gearbox. The oil is checked by topping it up.

How much oil is in a 97 Honda civic gearbox?

The 1997 Honda Civic gearbox has a fluid capacity of 4.8 quarts. You can check the gearbox fluid level with the gearbox dipstick.

What type of laser is a thor laser?

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How do you ck the water level of radiator of jeep liberty when the radiator cap is on the overflow bottle on the firewall?

Filling the overflow to the correct level will suffice as the radiator will draw out what it needs.

How do you check gearbox oil level on BMW k1200rs?

With the bike on its centerstand, the gearbox oil level should be just at the bottom of the hole for the fill plug.

How do you fill gearbox oil fiat coupe?

Filler/level plug is located at the front side of the gearbox

Fiat punto gearbox warning light stays on but the fluid level is correct?

A gearbox warning light that stays on even when the fluid light stays on may mean that there is something more serious going on with your car. Your Fiat should be taken to a mechanic to get checked.

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How do you start a sumbersible sump pump?

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Need to check gearbox oil in 1995 Excel where is it located please?

for it manual or automatic,,,,big difference......on a manual,,,you have to get under the car to to the gearbox,,,,,then find the gearbox plug bolt,,,then fill the gearbox to that level....automatic is very different

How do you check and fill gearbox on Honda nighthawk 450?

Most motorcyles have a liguid clutch which means they run in motor oil so when you change your motor oil you are changing your (gearbox) transmission oil and to check your (gearbox) transmission oil level you check the motor oil level.

Where is the gearbox dip stick in a eb station wagon?

If the car is an automatic it doesnt have a dip stick. The correct level is when it is filled to the bottom of the top most lug hole (the filler one).

How do you check the gearbox oil level on a Suzuki GS 850 L?

The gearbox and engine are one unit so therefore share the same oil.

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Where is the oil transmission goes on the Toyota Previa 92 awd manual transmission?

To check the gearbox oil first you have raise the vehicle to a height that you can get underneath it then locate the gearbox it should be bolted to the back of the engine when you have found it look at both sides of the gearbox till you see a large bolt, you will have to undo this bolt ( It is called the filler plug ) once you have this bolt out the oil should be level with the bottom of this hole if so your gear box is full to its correct level if not then you will have to top it up with the correct type of oil hopr this helps. And always remember support your car in a safe manner so as it wont fall on you

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How can i check the level of the transmission fluid?

On an Automatic there is usually a dip stick near the back of the engine. usually you check it while it is ruining in neutral. With a manual gearbox there is a screw in the side of the box sum that overflows when the gearbox oil level is right.