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What is the correct fuel pressure for a 1991 Mercedes 500 SL?


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Hello - I try to help you. As I am from Europe and have asked the same question in Germany BUT for a different Model I got this answer: The lowest oel pressure in idle state is 1,5. It can go to 1 for a split second when idle is rough - but that's it!! Of course driving the car should be 3.


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How do I rebuild a fuel pump for a 1991 350sd mercedes benz?


I have a 1990 Mercedes 500sl and there is a suggested tire pressure sticker located on the inside of the fuel door.

where is the fuel pressure regulator on1991 lumina 3.1 /

A plugged up fuel filter, a faulty fuel pressure regulator or a faulty fuel pump.

Try replaceing the filter or the fuel pressure regulator.

Correct me if I am wrong but a fuel pump does not hold fuel pressure it maintains the fuel pressure needed for the vehicle to run. What holds the fuel pressure is the fuel injectors and believe it or not the fuel pressure not only regulates the fuel pressure but also holds it. If the regulator is bad your vehicle will not hold the pressure needed to run the fuel pulse dampener also plays a small roll in this question too

at idle between 25-35 on acceleration it should get up to around 50psi. if it drops fuel pump is bad you can purchase one on eBay for around $80

Well on my 1991 Mercedes Benz 190e the fuel release door is automatic. All you have to do is make sure all the doors are unlocked with the master key and then, go to the fuel door and lightly press in on the left side of the fuel door and pull from the right and it should pop open.

Fuel filter, fuel pump, or pressure bypass/relief valve is not providing the correct, enough fuel pressure at the injectors.

9 to 13 LBS (PSI) Correct answer is that if it is a 1996 to 2000 the correct fuel pressure is 60 to 66 with key on and not running 55 to 58 with it running at idle.

A bad fuel pressure regulator or a clog in the fuel return line that leads back to the tank will cause this.

open your fuel filler cap door and Mercedes tire pressure recommendations are on a sticker on the fuel door. i personally go 2-4 more psi then recommended.

Yes... The main fuel pump receives fuel under pressure from a primer pump located in the fuel tank.

The fuel pressure regulator on a 2002 S 430 Mercedes Benz is located in the fuel pump. This is a very important part of your car as it regulates the amount of fuel that your engine takes in.

The fuel pump is in the fuel tank Turn key on-Should have a fuel pressure of 64-85 psi

Depends on the year, make and engine. Need more info.

if its a full size fuel injected bronco 87 or later the pressure should be between 35 and 42 psi

install a fuel pressure regulator and set it to 36 psi idle in a stock motor

It's located near the right rear tire, next to the fuel pump.

You need to hook a fuel pressure gauge to it and adjust the regulator so that you have 9 to 13 LBS, of fuel pressure. No lower are higher.

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