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Hey Jonathan==It varries between cars. If your car is later than about 1986 it is computer controled and you cannot change it. Sometimes if the idle speed solonoid is bad or dirty, the idle will be wrong. Goodluck, Joe

A vacuum leak will also cause idle quality issues.

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Q: What is the correct idle speed while the car is in drive?
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What is the correct idle speed for 1996 dodge neon?

The correct idle speed is 1RPM x4.2-7.888

What is the idle speed for ford bronco 5.8?

Roughly 800 RPMS while in park and roughly 600 RPMS while in drive or reverse

On a citroen xantia What is the correct idle speed?

850 RPM,

How do you adjust the engine idle speed on 2.7 liter 2004 Chrysler Intrepid engine?

Idle speed is automaticaly controlled by the computer. If idle speed is not correct, the car has a vacuum leak or a sensor problem.

What is the correct idle speed for a 2005 rav4?

Apporximately 1200 RPMS

How do you adjust idle speed for a 2002 Toyota Camry?

it is not adjustable it is a drive by wire systemMotor Abbreviation Definitions Idle Speeds (Fuel Injected)Trans.Min. Check Speed RPMMax. Check Speed RPMFootnoteAT610710265MT650750265Note 265: Idle speed is not adjustable.

How do you adjust idle on 98 3.0 Plymouth Voyager?

It is not adjustable. If the idle speed is not correct, then you have a sensor/actuator/computer issue.

How do you adjust the idle on a 1994 Chevy S10?

You don't. The ECM (Engine Control Module) maintains the correct idle speed. If the idle is out of control you probably have a vacuum leak.

Does anybody Know The correct idle speed RPMs of a 2000 dodge stratus2.0 not looking for a part just a number?

The computer will control the idle speed anywhere from 550 to 1200 rpm's

Why is your 94 Ford Escort Wagon vibrating while you put it in reverse or drive?

check the idle speed with the car in gear, if it has a tac on the dash it should idle in gear at about 700 rpm if its too low the car will vibrate or stall.

What does an idle speed control valve do in a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan?

From commands sent to it from the ECM, the ISC valve opens and closes allowing air into the system to maintain correct idle speed.

What is the correct idle RPM for a Dodge 318?

The proper idle speed for a Dodge with a 318 cubic inch engine about 475 to 500 RPMs. Any idle below that will cause stalling.

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