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Georgian wired glass

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Q: What is the correct name for the glass with the wire through?
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Are wire shelves good for displaying glass?

Depending on the grate size of the wire shelf, it is either a good or bad idea to put glass on it. If it is shaky or unsturdy, do not put glass on it. Otherwise, if it won't fall through or fall off, then sure, you can put glass on it.

What happens to the light bulb when you place the bare wire in the glass of water?

If you were to put a bare wire belonging to anything in a glass of water, the electricity flowing through the wire would have no reason to continue to travel through the wire instead of dispersing in the water. The water offers less resistance, so the electricity flows through that instead of the wire. This is known as creating a short circuit, or a short, for short! With no electricity flowing through the bulb, it will turn off.

What is the correct gauge wire for a car radio?

The correct GAUGE wire is 28 for a car stereo.

What is the name of the thick wire that electricity flows through?

astronomical fence

Why does platinum wire fuse more easily in the glass than a copper wire?


Why is glass the best insulator for metal wire?

Glass has excellent insulation characteristics

Which part of the electric fire gets hot when electricity flows through it?

Most electric fires work by passing current through a resistance wire, made of Nichrome. It is this wire that gets hot. The wire is sometimes wrapped around, or contained within, a glass or ceramic former. This will also dissapate the heat. There are other type that work through infra red.

What is the number of electrons that pass through a wire?

to 1 bulbs 1.5 and and if large florecent 3.5.. this is correct

What was chicken wire glass used for?

The glass you are referring to is "Wire Glass" and it is often used in schools, Fire Stations and other institutions as a type of impact resistant glass. Current testing of such glass idicates that it is less resistant to impact than today's annealed/tempered glasses.

What is the best insulator for metal wire?


What happens when electricity flows through a wire?

Electrons move through the wire

When was Through the Wire created?

Through the Wire was created on 2003-09-30.

How does a current flow through a wire?

according to kcl the current flows through a wire

What is the birth name of Coy Wire?

Coy Wire's birth name is Coy Michael Wire.

What is another name for a coil on an electromagnet?

A 'solenoid' is another name for a coil of wire that acts as an electromagnet when an electric current passes through it.

How does electricity travel through wire?

on the surface of the wire

What gauge wire should be used for a 15 amp breaker?

The correct wire size for a 15 amp breaker is a #14 wire.

What will a loop of wire moving through a magnetic field create?

A loop of wire moving through a magnetic field will induce a current in the loop of wire.

What is it called when electrons flow through a wire?

When electrons flow through a conductor such as a wire, it is called, "Electricity".

What do a light bulb and wire look like?

To answer the first part of your question the bulb looks sort of like an egg but has a more rounded top made of either clear or colored glass and the bottom consists of a metal piece that has the wire inside it. The wire is a thin piece of metal made of copper and an electric current runs through this wire creating light.

Is there actually current flowing through the return wire?

Yes, there is a current flow through he return wire in a closed circuit. The only time there is no current flow through the return wire is when the circuit is open.

What is the hypothesis to how does a light bulb work?

When a current is passed through a thin wire filament it gets hot. Insulate the filament in a glass envelope with no air, and the filament glows brightly.

Moving a wire through a magnetic field does not create a current flow in a wire?

Not true - Moving a wire through a magnetic field doescreate a current flow in a wire.false

When a light switch is turned on what travels through the wire?

Current flows through a wire when a light switch is turned on.

What is quicker electric going through a thin wire or electric going through a thick wire?

The speed is the same.

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