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What is the correct timing for a 1999 Kia Sportage front wheel wheel drive?

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May 31, 2010 6:50PM

the timing belt has two cams that have marks and both must be at 12:00,

the crankshaft was a dimple too and it must also align to a notch on crankshaft housing. The trick is not lining the marks up but keeping the 2 cams on there marks exactly while fighting the valve springs that want to swing one countercllock wise and the other clockwise. Either figure out a jig or get bubba to help you hold them still while you put on belt.

P!S! when checking the timing on a kia sportage you should know that the sheer pin on the crankshaft pulley tends to go allowing the pulley to move so it 'looks' like its in time meaning the marks all line up and you can't tell without pulling off the lower(crankshaft) pulley, it is always a good idea to locate #1 spark plug take it out and drop a longgg screwdriver as you manually turn the timing belt whilst looking for the marks as that cylinder should be up as far as it can go with all the marks lined up for it to be in time if it starts going back down or doesn't quite get as far up as it should go with the marks lined up.. then its not in time and should definatley take off the crankshaft pulley to take a look at that sheer pin and the damamge it did...