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Just had a quote to have a new cylinder head gasket fitted to my 1.2 8 v (2001) Fiat Punto. This includes head skimming and new bolts etc.

�400 was the painful figure. The car has done 24.000 miles and suffers symptons of poor starting, engine overheating,fan coming on and coolant loss. Also has cabin heater problem caused by what I originally thought was an air lock.

Car has been checked twice (including 24k service!)

Apparently after much internet reading :

1. Cylinder head gasket problem is rife on this engine. 2. When engine cold the plugs are damp through water caused by gasket leak. 3. When engine warms up gasket expands and fills leak! 4.Engine runs better when warm but heater in cabin not functioning correctly. what a pain. 5. Continued use will ruin the heater matrix as well. Costly repair. 6. There are two bleed valves on the car for water/radiator problems. a- open bonnett and look to top right of radiator. there is a white pastic screw, that's number 1 bleed valve. b - second bleed valve located near bulkhead on 1" diameter hoses just off a junction box.

This is my last respite. Following that it's either part ex the car or pay the �400.

If you know a competent mechanic you can buy all the necessary parts for around �80. Dont forget the head must be skimmed.

Lastly all these problems have not hepled the fuel consumption which is crap. I get about 300 miles to a full tank. I have a Fiat Stilo which does 500 miles to a tank.

I hope that if you aare reading this you have fewer problems than I have had. The only other issue with the punto was water getting into the headlights !! I had two puntos (at the same time) Both had the same problem. To be fair Fiat said they would repair both for free. I doubt I will get the same response!!

Good Luck

New Head GasketI just had Head gasket done �150 with head lasered and skimmed AnswerIt shoudn't cost any more than �150 at a decent garage

Ive just had my head gasket replaced and cam belt changed all for £230, which i was pleased with. The garage i normally go to quoted me £450 just for the head gasket!

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