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52-36-41.5 goes to rear right closest to driver side.3 goes in the rear middle.1 goes to far left on passenger front firing order goes-left to right,2-4-6.

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Q: What is the cylinder numbering on a 94 Buick skylark with the 3100 series v6 engine?
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What does 6bt on cummins engine stand for?

6 cylinder, "b" series, turbocharged

What type of engine does a 2002 impala have?

6 cylinder motor it is the 3400 or 3800 series engine both are v6

Will ford 460 cylinder heads fit on a ford 428 engine block?

No, the 428 is an FE series motor, the 460 is a 385 series. They are different engine families.

What brand makes the brand skylark?

The Skylark is a series of compact cars built by Buick, a brand under General Motors.

How do you find what engine you have in a BMW 3 series 1991?

The size of engine depends on the model, some had the 6 cylinder 2.5 or 2.7 liter and some had the four cylinder 1.8 liter motor.

What is the Engine oil capacity for a 4 cylinder 1.3Litre HC-E engine in a 1991 G102 series daihatsu charade?


Location of water temperature sensor on a 2000 Volvo truck with a Detroit series 60 engine?

On my 2000 International with a Detroit series 60 engine the water temperature sensor is on the back of the engine, passenger side in the cylinder head. Gears

Does a Saturn SL have a 6 cylinder engine?

A Saturn SL -- and every S-series Saturn -- has a 1.9 liter 4 cylinder engine. The SC2, SL2, and SW2 have a DOHC (dual overhead cam) engine; the SC1, SL, SL1, and SW1 have a SOHC (single overhead cam) engine.

1981 Volvo with a 4 cylinder the dealer looked up the VIN number and said it was a 260 with a 6 cylinder how do you find out what model you have?

If it has a 4 cylinder engine it is a 240 series : The 242 ( DL / GL / GT trim levels ) is a 4 cylinder engine , 2 door The 244 ( DL / GL trim levels ) is a 4 cylinder engine , 4 door The 245 ( DL etc. ) is a 4 cylinder , 5 door - station wagon

Does a 1999 4-cylinder sl Saturn have a timing belt?

( no ) The 1.9 liter four cylinder engine in a 1999 Saturn S series has a timing CHAIN

What is the firing order of a rover 1.4 16v k series engine?

The firing order of a Rover 1.4 16v K series engine is 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2. The number 1 cylinder is on your right as you face the engine.

Where is engine id on 350 engine?

Right in front of the drivers side cylinder head, on the block, there is a little pad that sticks out. There will be a long series of numbers, starting with a letter.

Is a 60 series Detroit diesel a 2 cycle or 4 cycle engine?

A DDC 60 Series is a 4 stroke cycle engine. The 2 strokers are: 51, 53, 71, 92, 110, & 149 series engines with the number of cylinders and configuration as a prefix. Example: 6-71 is a 2 stroke with 6 cylinders of 71 cubic inch displacement per cylinder. 8v-92 is an 8 cylinder engine of 92 c.i. displacement per cylinder in a "V" configuration.

What is the firing order on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird 38 V6 3800 Series II and what is cylinder numbering?

Copy & paste this link into your browser.

What order does the Doctor Who series go in?

Thr original run of the series (1963 - 1989) was Season 1 to Season 26. When the program was relaunched in 2005, the numbering officially began again with Series 1, although some fans still prefer to continue with the old numbering system (i.e. Series 1 = Season 27).

What are the v6 Holden commodore cylinder numbers?

The Commodore is made of cast iron and both use two-valve-per cylinder iron heads. The engine was used in the 1991 second series by Heldon.

Which cylinder is number 1 on Continental TSIO 360?

For all Continental 360 series, #1 is the cylinder which is closest to the accessory case. For an engine driving a tractor propeller, this will be on the starboard side closest to the firewall.

Where is the thermostat located on a rover 400 si?

if it is a 1.4 or 1.6 K series engine its underneath the inlet manifold towards the left hand side ( nearest the belts ) 2.0 T series engine - top left hand front of cylinder head

Is it possible to have an air brake a 4 cylinder engine?

Yes. The Detroit Diesel 50 series is an inline 4 engine, often used on Class 7 and 8 trucks with air brakes.

Can a water pump for a 16 cylinder EMD Model 567-BC engine be used on a 16 cylinder EMD Model 645 series engine?

Would not recommend using it .. emergencies only and not with 100% load. 645 requires a larger flow than 567.

What distinquishes the BMW 3 series from the 5 series?

The BMW 5 series is basically a beefed up version of the BMW 3. The BMW 5 runs on a 6-cylinder V6 or V8, while the BMW 3 has an inline V6 engine. Performance models are even 'beefier' in terms of engine size and horsepower.

How many cylinder is a 2.5l engine of a 2006 subaru forester?

The EJ25 series engine fitted to the 2006 Subaru Forester has 4 cylinders, arranged in a boxer (horizontally opposed) layout.

Firing order for 7 cylinder engines?

The firing order for a Inline Sisu series 98 Diesel engine is 1-2-4-6-7-5-3. The Sisu engine uses a common-rail fuel system and hasfour valves per cylinder.

What is engine number of Toyota rush car?

The First Generation (1997 to 2005) Rush offered either a 659cc 3 cylinder engine (not a typo it was that small) that was the EF DEM series or a 1.3 liter HC ES series engine. The second generation Rush (2005 to present, 2013) offers a 1.3liter HC ES series inline 4 banger with a turbocharger, or the 1.5 liter 3SZ VE series. None are sold in North America.

Does a six cylinder petrol engine exist?

Yes they do exist. You can check this out in BMW 3 series convertibles for instance, they have 6 cylinder petrol engines. They either come in a straight line arrangement or v6 arrangement. Some of the v6 engine cars were built as far back as 1905.