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Simple, Orange = Temperature below 4oC danger of ice. Red = Temperature at or below 0oC.

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Q: What is the dashboard light on a Mondeo Ghia that resembles a snowflake and goes from orange to red while driving?
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What does dashboard lights mean on Ford Mondeo?

I have an amber snowflake light showing what does that mean?

What is the dashboard light on a Ford Mondeo zetec that resembles a snowflake and goes fron orange to red whilst driving?

Hi the snowflake light on the dash goes orange with your digital temp reaches 4c and red below 2c .It indicates possible ice on roads. A bit of useless light really or extras that are not important. Nothing to worry about though! Darren

What is the light on the dashboard of mondeo turbo looks like a watewr can?

oil light

Why does your 1999 mondeo judder when driving?

yeh funny that my 1999 mondeo has the same - did you find a solution at all? thanks

What is the dashboard light on a mondeo ghia x that looks like a helicopter?

Warns about risk of ice

Where are the fuses in a 1999 Ford Mondeo?

in the engine compartment below the dashboard and behind the glove compartment

Where is the fuse located for the cigarette lighter on a 1997 Ford Mondeo?

under the dashboard if you pull a lever out it pops down

Does anyone know where the auxiliary fuse box is on a 1.8 turbo diesel mondeo yr 2000 ive no dashboard lights?

there are fuse boxes in the engine compartment and below the dashboard on a lever

Why do the wheels on your mondeo go round when am driving?

It's an optical illusion. The wheels on my mondeo turn the planet to where I need to get to whilst I stay in the same place in space.

What is the dashboard light on mondeo zetec that resebles an engine?

That is the check engine light.That is the check engine light.

Is the Ford Mondeo a truck or a car?

A Ford Mondeo is a car. It is a nice fancy vehicle that is used for test driving and it was made it 2010. It comes in a four door or a two door vehicle.

How do you change dashboard bulbs in 2004 mondeo?

Try this. Regards Graeme from Scotland

Where is the fuel cut off switch on a 1994 Ford Mondeo?

ford originally did not produce the 1994 ford mondeo with fuel cut off switch. it was later improved in 2005 on the dashboard, after numerous deaths of drivers who died in fuel related fires. unlucky mate :/

Where is the fuse for the dashboard lights for the mondeo?

Depends on the year and make of your Mondeo. Your owners manual should tell you whether it is in the central or auxillary fuse box. The central fuse box is (depending on age & make) behind the glove box, which, with a bit of jiggling, you can prise off the plastic 'c' clips at the base. A fuse location plan should be on the side of your glove box and, in conjunction with your owners manual, you'll be able to work out which fuse it is for the dashboard lights.

Is a 2001 mondeo mk2 or mk3?

depends on the shape of your mondeo

When was Ford Mondeo created?

Ford Mondeo was created in 1993.

Will a mondeo v6 ghia starter fit a mondeo st24 v6?


How do I turn on the lower front driving liights on on a 2001 mondeo?

Once you have turned on the head lights, pull the switch towards you twice. The first time that you pull it will turn on the rear fogs, the second should be the driving lamps.

What is the dashboard light on a Ford Mondeo that looks like a parcel tied with string?

Ignition coils for diesel engine glow plugs, wait for the symbol to go out on the dash, 10 secs aprox and then start the engine

Where is the horn fuse in a 1998 model mondeo?

where is a fuse for the car horn on a 1998 mondeo

How were Ford Mondeo car sales in 2002?

Ford Mondeo sales were high in 2002. Ford Mondeo was the fifth highest selling car in the entire UK in 2002.

125k what oil for mondeo si?

what oil do i top up with on my ford mondeo 2.0si at 122k

Where is the engine number on a Ford Mondeo zetec 2.0?

were is the engine number on a mondeo diesel 2010

Why does speedometer go on and off on Ford Mondeo?

old ford mondeo its classic about 120 or 140

Dash clocks not work on mondeo zetec?

Where can you find a fuse box for mondeo mk3 lx