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An Irish American is someone who has immigrated to America from Ireland, and families of those that immigrated here. We Americans are rather fond of those Irish, though, so on St. Patrick's Day, just about all of us wear green! We have parades in several of our cities to celebrate that special day, as well.

AnswerAmerican citizen from .. Ireland...or of Irish heritage

awwww nice to know that people like us Irish!! im Irish and proud of it!!

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Q: What is the definition of Irish Americans?
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What percentage of Americans are Irish Americans?

40% of Americans are Irish.

What sort of Americans did Irish become?


What is the difference between Americans and the Irish?

the Irish are from Europe and Americans are from North America.

Is Irish American in a particular region of the country?

Irish-American refers to people in America who claim Irish ancestry. Irish-Americans live all over America.

What has the author Lauren Onkey written?

Lauren Onkey has written: 'Blackness and transatlantic Irish identity' -- subject- s -: Irish Americans, Ethnic identity, Race identity, Irish, Group identity, Race discrimination, African Americans, Relations with Irish Americans

What were German-Americans and Irish-Americans called during World War 1?

German- Americans and Irish- Americans were commonly called hyphenateds during the WWI area.

Is there more Americans of Irish origin than there are Irish in Ireland?


Do Americans like the Irish?

At one time the Irish were not welcome in the United States but that is not a problem any more. Many Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day even if they are not Irish.

Where are Irish-Americans located?

Irish-Americans can be found all over the United States of America. There is no one particular place.

Who celebrates Saint Patrick's Day more Americans or Irish?


Why were Americans afraid of Irish immigrints?

coz they think Irish immigrants are cannible

What caused the Americans to discriminate the Irish?

I don't discriminate the irish, and I'm American. :)

What Irish foods do Americans eat?

Corned beef and cabbage is one traditional Irish meal/food that Americans also eat. Also, Irish potatoes are quite popular in America.

What is the definition of the name Colleen?

An Irish Girl

Why do Americans love the Irish?

Because there are so many people in America that have Irish roots and because there are many Irish here!

What is the Irish expression Narrow Back?

It's a term used by the native Irish in America about first generation Irish Americans.

Do Irish Americans use technology?

Yes. They do.

How many Americans have Irish ancestry?

Approximately 56.7 million Americans claim to have Irish ancestry. This is about 18.6 percent of the entire population of the United States.

What is the Irish-gaelic definition of dulse?


What was the reaction of Americans when the Irish came to America?

Many Americans didn't like the Irish. Some people treated them very badly and threw stuff at them as they came off the boats to step on American soil. Some Americans felt that the Irish were coming to take their jobs.

What is the general pattern of entrance for Irish Americans to the United States?

By definition, an Irish American is already an American, so they wouldn't be entering the country due to already being in it. If you are looking on how to get into the US from Ireland, you should look here for information:

Where Irish Americans ever segregated?

Yes, Americans belived that they took jobs away.

Why do Americans celebrate ST. Patrick's day?

Many Americans have Irish ancestry.

What is the difference between Irish an Americans myth?

a y

Why did many Irish Americans oppose the US' decision to enter World War 1 on the side of the Allies?

The Irish-Americans possibly did not like Great Britain