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What is the definition of a smoke door?

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a door that smoke can not enter

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What is the difference between a smoke door and fire door?

Tha 6ina malai.

What is definition of outdoor game?

out door activities

Where is the purple smoke door at sky world on smash bros?

Its a door that leads to a character you must beat.

What is the definition of propensity?

it is a natural tendency to do something (such as to drink or smoke)

How does smoke fit in a definition of a colloid?

Smoke is a colloid because it consists of tiny solid particles suspended in a gas (air)

What is the definition of freight door?

A door for the passage of freight, usually much larger than the standard 36"x 82" personal door.

Does smoke have mass and it occupies space?

By definition, smoke is not considered mass because it does not have a physical body and occupy space. Smoke is considered matter since it is made up of particles.

What is the definition of toke?

Toke is a verb that means to puff or smoke a cigarette or cigar.

Can you use the same transformer for door bell and smoke detector?

Umm let me think. NO!

What causes smoke to come out of the door of a wood-burning stove?

not enough of a draft

What are the release dates for Smoke Break - 2013 How to Properly Open a Door with Your Head 1-3?

Smoke Break - 2013 How to Properly Open a Door with Your Head 1-3 was released on: USA: 4 September 2013

What is the definition for the word exit?

To leave or depart from where you are now. Such as-->We shall exit through this door. Also as a noun it means the actual door used to leave by. Such as-->This door is the exit.

What are transoms?

Web definition: the horizontal framing member between a door and a window above; also refers to the window above a door.

Which locomotive is the basis for the locomotive in Anastasia?

A MThB EC 3/5 no. 3 with the smoke box door+smoke deflectors+ snowplows from the DSB R 963.

How do you remove smoke smell when i turn on my ac in my truck?

turn on the ac and open the door or window

Should a smoke alarm positioned in hallway be activated when the oven door is opened in the kitchen distance 3 to 4 meters?

It depends on the position of the oven, oven door, kitchen door and shape of house.

How do you open the battery door to a kidde smoke and carbon monixide detector?

how do you unplug the quick connect wiring and open the door to change the battery on a model 1275

How does smoke affect air conditioners?

If you are talking about the smoke fromcigarettes or cigars, what happens is that the smoke will be sucked into the recirculation door of the a/c system and leave the same residue on the coil and the vent tubes that it is leaving in your body which is impossible to remove............

What is the definition of bear witness?

That's an easy one, J.Ws bear witness by going from door to door preaching the truth from the Bible. Peter.

Your mom is in a nursing home and they have a smoking room and they told your Mom that she can't smoke in it because she just came in the nursing home and the sign on the door says smoking 5 can smoke?

no man .. you should not smoke anyways.. its bad, think about that ! why does your mom smoke !?? maybe its a chance for her to quit!

Definition of research according to Isidro and malolos?

research is the open door to a better future.

What is the definition of a wall opening?

A wall opening could be a serving hatch, a window, or a door.

How can one eliminate the pervasive odor of cigar smoke coming from an active smoker in a next door high rise apartment?

I say -look for how is his cigar smoke getting into your space?

What is the definition of a door leaf?

The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you open it towards you, then that is the leaf of the door. if it is a double door then it has two leafs. If you would tape a pencil to the botton of the door and swing it open, then the arc that it makes would be the leaf of the door.

What Home inspection requirements for doorbell inspection and garage door opener inspection?

Is it the law to have a smoke detector?