What is the definition of a smoke door?

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a door that smoke can not enter
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What is smoke?

Smoke is the collection of airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases [1] emitted when a material undergoes combustion or pyrolysis, together with the quantity of air that is entrained or otherwise mixed into the mass. It is commonly an unwanted by-product of fires (including stoves, candles ( Full Answer )

What does smoking do to you?

The harmful effects of smoking include: . Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world diefrom diseases caused by smoking cigarettes - Smoking KILLS. . One in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. Half ofthese deaths will occur in middle age. . Tobacco smoke also contrib ( Full Answer )

How can I eliminate smell of cigar smoke coming from next door apartment?

Answer . some carpet cleaners use a thermo fogger which sprays a fine mist of chemical that is used in smoke or fire damage then get a good quality stain blocker like kilts to paint the walls.. Answer . Sometimes the drywall in the apartment does not seal off one apartment from the other. I ( Full Answer )

What can smoking do to you?

Smoking can really harm your lungs and make them black if you smoke too much. This is due to the build up of tar in the lungs which will eventually lead to lung cancer. -- If someone smokes more than once and is constantly smoking then they could end up getting lung cancer. Cigarettes get addi ( Full Answer )

Why no smoking?

smoking's not good for you, because, you can get lung cancer, and you might die. And it's really bad for your health.

What does smoking do to?

Harmful Effects of Smoking . Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes - Smoking KILLS . . One in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. Half of these deaths will occur in middle age . . Tobacco smoke al ( Full Answer )

What is a door?

A door is an opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, bywhich to go in and out; an entrance way.

Why did you smoke?

I tried it and i felt relaxed so i had a few more then the nicotine took hold of me i became addicted.

Why do you smoke?


What is the definition of smoking?

smoke: the act of smoking tobacco or other substances; "he went outside for a smoke"; "smoking stinks" . emitting smoke in great volume; "a smoking fireplace" . smoke: a hot vapor containing fine particles of carbon being produced by combustion; "the fire produced a tower of black smoke that c ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a door leaf?

The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you open it towards you, then that is the leaf of the door. if it is a double door then it has two leafs. If you would tape a penc ( Full Answer )

The definition of smoking?

A method of cooking food where the product is cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time in the presence of a smoke producing fire.

If your smoke alarm was on but no fire was persent and your neighbor took it upon himself to breack down your door who should pay for it?

One Answer . I think you should pay for the damaged door. One might argue that you installed a fire alarm loud enough to roust the neighbors so you should bear the consequences if they responded to your alarm. If you don't want to alarm the neighbors that something may be wrong at your house then ( Full Answer )

What does the smoking do to you?

If you mean smoking cigarettes, Oh my, the list goes on and on. Lung cancer Skin wrinkle speed up and build up Lung disease Difficulty breathing Coughing Wheezing Lungs look shriveled and black Horrible odor yellow teeth tooth decay

What do you get if you smoke?

You got to be kidding me, there is nothing good about smoking... itkills, it stinks, its filthy and you or no one should ever considersmoking! it lays all over your house, car and you can not hardlyget the stinking stuff out! it will eat you alive you lungs willlook like a dried out prune..... gross ( Full Answer )

What is the smoking?

Breathing in substances other than fresh air causes harm to the breathing system.Smoking from tobacco causes many problems.. The smoke contains particles that irritate the lungs as well as thousands of different chemicals.The nicotine in cigarettes is addictive.Smokers cannot get as much oxygen int ( Full Answer )

What are doors for?

Well, it depends on what door you have. If you have a nice, small door, it is to make the house smell of fish. If you have a large door, it either means that you are wealthy man/woman, or you are my brother who owns the world's one and only door tree, which he needs to survive (I should explain. My ( Full Answer )

Does definite detox work if you haven't smoked in two weeks?

If you're talking about smoking marijuanna, then no. It takes about 45 days for the metabolites of marijuanna to clear, and then you will always carry some THC in your fat cells, because THC is fat-soluable. If you weren't a heavy smoker, and haven't smoked for long, pickle juice or black licoric ( Full Answer )

What definition sliding side door?

the sliding side door is a pocket in a completion string in offshore oil and gas drilling. this device gives you the opportunity to have communication between tubing and the csg annulus.

Door to door or door-to-door?

It depends on how you are using the words. If you say, "He sold the books door to door" you mean he sold them ffrom door to door. He is then a door-to-door salesman. The hyphens are put in because the words then become a compound adjective, describing the sort of salesman he is. It's the same co ( Full Answer )

When can you smoke?

when your old enough to pick up a cigarette, light it, and inhale it. Where I'm from its only illegal to buy smokes underage; not smoke them

What is the law definition of opening the Door?

It means that the door is open for anyone that thinks they can put the defendant behind bars. ANOTHER VIEW: It is a phrase that means that a new area, topic, idea, or strategy is being (or has been) introduced into the case as an entirely new element that must be considered.

What can you smoke out of?

There are many different smoking devices you can use. Rolling papers (a Joint, or Marijuana Ciggarette) Pipe (Glass, or otherwise) Bong Vaporizor (vaporizes active ingredients, most efficient, less harmful on lungs) Those are the main ones, but there are tons more. (Gravity bongs, Waterf ( Full Answer )

What is smoking about?

People like me smoke because it relieves you from stress and makes you feel good. Are you thinking about starting then?

How long will a fire door protect you from a fire and smoke?

Fire doors that swing for ordinary use are rated from 1/3 of an hour up to 3 hours. There are specialized fire doors that can last longer, sometimes used in high hazard locations, with fusible links that allow them to slam shut when there is enough heat.

What do smokes have?

If you are referring to the smoke released by a fire, they contain tiny particals that reflect light and also they contain Carbon Dioxide and other gases that some may be toxic (such as Carbon Monoxide). If you are referring to cigarettes, they contain the leaf of the tobacco plant along with hun ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of door to door marketing?

Door to door marketing is a direct sales method involving a representative going from one door to the next in a neighborhood or building, either selling goods directly to the resident or providing product information in the form of flyers, coupons, brochures, etc. In the past it was more common for ( Full Answer )

Can you get smoke alarms with out the need for fire doors?

Yes, the requirements for smoke alarms and fire doors are often separate, although there could be overlapping requirements that reduce the need for one if you have more of the other, in specific cases.

How do you get smokes?

Go to a gas station or tobacco store and buy them, providing you are 18 years of age.

What will smoke do?

It will make you suffer very much as you age, certainly it's the worst habit to anyone. Giving it up will be best decision in your life.

What is the definition of the term cold smoking?

The defiition of the term cold smoking is actually exactly how it sounds. It means when a person is smoking something but instead of being on fire and hot, it is actually cold.

What is the definition of so called closed-door sales?

Called closed-door sales refers to the process of making a sale. The sales sense springs from real estate, where closing is the final step of a transaction. In sales, it is used more generally to mean achievement of the desired outcome, which may be an exchange of money or acquiring a signature.