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What is the definition of freight door?

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A door for the passage of freight, usually much larger than the standard 36"x 82" personal door.

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What is the definition of freight class 125?

Rubber products

Which are the best logistics companies in Dubai?

I would recommend Total Freight International (TFI) in Dubai. It is recognized for going the extra mile for its client and providing door-to-door freight services.

What is the definition of a smoke door?

a door that smoke can not enter

If a freight collect shipment is refused due to damage who is responsible for the cost of the freight?

all info can be found in the national motor freight classification guide. if a freight collect shipment is refused the shipper is responsible for the charges. the shipment will move back to the shipper freight collect with the original charges added to the shipment. however if the shipper does not want the freight back and the consignee has paid for the freight the freight company can try and collect from the consignee. unless the shipment is damaged and then the freight company should allow the freight to be sent back with no charges and the company can then file a claim for the product and freight charges.The official definition of freight is "goods transported by truck, train, ship, or aircraft."

What is freight management system?

freight charges is a freight was a freight it is a freight charges.after it is a freight charges.before it was a freight charges.tomorrow it will be a freight after tomorrow it is freight charges..yesterday also it was a freight charges.finally it is called freight charges.

What company will you go to send package to Philippines via sea because much cheaper than air freight and door to door?

LBC...tatak pinoy:)

What are the types of freight forwarder?

Air freight,ship freight,road freight,rail freight

What is definition of outdoor game?

out door activities

What are the classes of freight?

There are several types of freight as below: Advance freight Lump freight Freight pro rata Part delivery Back freight

What is a object that is 1 kilometer?

A long freight train.A long freight train.A long freight train.A long freight train.

What is freight forwarding companies?

The freight forwarding companies works as a middleman between the transportation services and the shipper. They are responsible for arranging the entire process including the storage and the shipment of the goods. I have also experience some of the freight forwarding companies like Global Shopaholics, planet express, Myus, their services is very amazing.

What is the difference between freight collect and freight prepaid?

freight prepaid is the shipper pays the freight cost and freight collect is the consignee whom burdens for the cost related.

What is the difference between freight prepaid abroad and freight prepaid?

what is the difference between freight prepaid and freight prepaid abroad

What is FOB pricing for Ethiopia?

Freight On Board. Usually the seller will designate whether it is F.O.B. at his store/plant or if it is F.O.B. your destination. This determines who is liable for the freight risks/costs. F.O.B. to your door is always better. It shifts the responsibilities/costs to the seller.

What is shipping and freight forrwarding?

Freight shipping and freight forwarding is the transport of freight and cargo from one destination to another. This could be nationwide or worldwide.

What is a sentence for freight train?

The freight train was running late.We need to be on the next freight train.

Definition of indirect exporting?

Indirect exporting is a type of exporting that is not done through a producer or manufacturer. It is done by a freight forwarder or export agent.

Where can one search for companied involved in truck freight in Texas?

There are a number of truck freight companies situated in Texas. A few of these are Texas Freight, Dixie Freight and Fast Freight Services. Had one wanted to search a freight companies website for more options, one could visit Freight Center.

How do you remove the windshield trim on a 1979 280zx?

Purchase a windshield and door trim removal kit from Harbor Freight for approximately $6 to $15.

What is freight payable at destination?

Freight collect

What is a sentence for freight?

The freight on the trailer truck was mostly in boxes. You can have this piano if you'll pay the freight.

Is old dominion freight a union company?

No they are not. About the only union freight lines left are UPS Freight, YRC ( Yellow/Roadway), and ABF Freight.

Which is safer for freight forwarding. air freight or sea freight?

There isn't really a safer method for freight shipping. Both sea and air freight shipping are just as safe as each other. However, air freight shipping is probably better for longer distances as it is a quicker way of freight shipping.

What is the difference between freight outwards and freight inwards?

the transportation charge that we pay for is freight inward when we are importing something from suppliers, and is freight outward when we are selling to customers.

For cost and insurance incoterm will it be freight prepaid or freight collect?

In cost and insurance it will be ''Freight Collect'' but if party require as '' Freight Prepaid'' then use CIF incoterms.