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What is the definition of peak of a story?

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What is the peak of a story called?

The peak of a story is called the CLIMAX.

What is the definition of peak and valley performance and times?

· Peak and valley performance and times

What word is picture a mountain peak a good way to remember the definition?

"Picture a mountain peak" is a good way to remember the definition for zenith.

What is Exciting point in a story?

The climax is the "peak" or main event of a story.

What is definition of local peak season?

The local peak season is the time of year when foods grown locally are ripening.

Is a peak a landform?

NOPE! Read a definition of landforms, below.

What does the climax mean in a story?

The climax of a story is the middle -or- peak of the story. Usually when all the threads at the beginning come together. (Think like a roller coaster -start-climax(peak)-end).

What does peak mean?

The highest point on the mountainThe dictionary definition of the noun "peak" is: crest, pinnacle, apex, crown, cap.

What is the definition of topic in a story?

what the story is mainly about

What is known as the peak point of a story or a plot?


Picturing a mountain peak is a good way to remember the definition of?


Does climax mean solution?

No its like a turning point of the story or the peak of the entire story

What is a climax?

The climax of the story is the turning point of the story; the moment when the ultimate suspence reaches its peak.

What is the definition of story drift?

story drift is ratio of displace story to lataral story.

what- details definition?

specific information about a story or its characters

what- summarize definition?

to briefly restate the events of a story

How does peak change or remain the same throughout the story of peak by Roland Smith?

This website is stupid it should already have the answers to it

What is the conversion for rms power to peak to peak power?

RMS power is Peak-To-Peak power divided by the square root of 2.This definition, however, only holds true for a non-reactive, or resistive, load, with a power source that is truly sinusoidal.

what- flashback definition?

an interruption in the progression of a story by an event from the past

What is the main conflict in the book Peak?

The Main Conflict in the story Peak is Person vs Nature. Peak goes up against the cold weather and high altitude of Mount Everest.

What is a good image to picture to help you remember the definition of the word zenith?

a mountain peak

What is the definition of a crime story?

A crime story is any story in which a crime takes place.

What is the definition of character setting plot and resolution?

The definition of character is the person in a story the definition of setting is when and where the story takes place the plot is a series of related events that make up a story and the resolution is when characters problems are solved.

Definition of flashback in a story?

a point in a story where the past is looked back on

What's the definition of key story?

The Most Important Story Or Thing