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After college you must become a medical doctor, and then complete an accredited residency program to become a pediatrician.

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Q: What is the degree that pediatrician gets after college?
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Related questions

Can you be a pediatrician without a college degree?

No, you need all the education you can get. A Pediatrician is a doctor for children just like a doctor for anything else.

How long do you have to go to college to get a degree to become a pediatrician?

At least eleven years.

What is the highest degree required for a pediatrician?

To be a pediatrician, a person has to go to medical school for four years after getting an undergraduate degree from college. He must also go through residency training that is usually three years long.

What college degree do you have to have to be a pediatrician?

You need to earn an M.D. or D.O. degree, then you need to complete a residency program in pediatrics to become board certified.

What type of job could you get with a bachelor's degree as a pediatrician?

a pediatrician is a third degree not a batchelors degree and i suppose you'd be a pediatrician after all those years in uni...

What degree do a pediatrician need to be able to be a pediatrician?

You will need a bachelor's degree Hope this helps!

What is the best college to attend for pediatrician education?

What is the best college for a pediatrician?

Do you need a high school diploma to become a pediatrician?

Yes you need a high school diploma and a college degree

Is a master's degree the highest degree when it comes to pediatrician?

A pediatrician receives an M.D., the same as any doctor, not a master's degree.

Is college degree needed for being a pediatrician?

Strictly speaking no. Most medical schools state they will accept a person who only has about 3.5 years of college credit, but in reality they require that you complete at least a bachelor's degree.

Is UCA a good college for a pediatrician to go to?

yes it is a good college for pediatrician

How do you got a Bachelor's Degree in Pediatricion?

There is no such thing as a bachelor's degree as a pediatrician. A pediatrician is a medical doctor. Thus, it is a doctorate degree in medicine.

Do you have to take the SATACT to become a pediatrician?

probably but you have to go to college to be a pediatricianprobably but you have to go to college to be a pediatrician

Are there any special licenses or certificates required to work as a pediatrician?

Yes, a medical degree. This means 12+ years of college.

How many degrees do you need to be a pediatrician?

you need a bachlors degree to be a pediatricianyou need a bachlors degree to be a pediatrician

In college do you have to major in Nursing to become a Pediatrician?

No, a nurse and a pediatrician are not the same thing. A pediatrician is a type of physician and has a different level of training than a nurse. To become a pediatrician, you would need a medical degree after completing medical school. If you are trained in the United Kingdom, this would be a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB or MBBS) and if you train in the United States, you can receive either a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. In addition to receiving a medical degree, you must also receive your medical license and complete pediatric residency training if you wish to be a pediatrician. There is no requirement for majoring in Nursing to become a pediatrician.

Can you attend Spelman College to become a pediatrician?

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

What degree is right for a pediatrician?

90 degree.

How many years does a person need to go to college for to become a pediatrician?

It will take approximately eight years post bachelor's degree.

What would be the best college to attend to become a pediatrician?

In Memphis what is the best college to attend to be pediatrician

Is college necessary to be a pediatrician?

Yes, both college and medical school are required to become a pediatrician.

Education needed for pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician you need: 4 year college degree 4 year medical degree 3+ years of pediatric residency For a minimum of 11 years of training after high school.

Who gets paid more an interior designer or a pediatrician?

A Pediatrician

Does a pediatrician have to have a master's degree?

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in pediatrics. Therefore, is is a doctorate degree.

How much schooling is needed to become a pediatrician after college degree?

You will need a medical degree. That normally takes four years. Then there is a residency which varies to some extent. Then you can go into practice for yourself.