What is the difference between Formatted Text and Comma delimited?

In a comma delimited file, data is stored as free-form text with each value separated by a comma. Text data may or may not be quoted and numbers appear with signs and decimals as appropriate. Example:

"my data", 1, 2.5, 3

A fixed format file stores each value in a fixed position in the record. There are no delimiters in the record and you must know the format of the record and fields to properly interpret the information. Numeric fields usually do not contain decimal points (decimal position is implied by the column format) and the sign may be in a leading position or trailing position, or it may be 'zoned', meaning the sign is indicated by altering the lead bit in either the leading or trailing character. Negative digits would appear as a letter.

In the above example, if it was fixed format with 4 fields with the first being text of 10 characters followed by 3 numbers with 6 digits with 2 implied decimal places (i.e. 9999.99) the data would appear as:

my data 000100000250000300