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The Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar to calculate Easter, whereas the Roman Catholics and Protestants use the new Gregorian calendar. Previously, they all used the same Julian calendar, until Pope Gregory XIII changed it (and named the new calendar after himself) in 1582. This means that Easter for Roman Catholics and Protestants can often take place before the Jewish passover, which is chronologically inaccurate, whereas Orthodox Easter is always after the Jewish passover, which is the historically accurate sequence of events.

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It is usually celebrated later than Catholic & Protestant Easter. However, every few years, all of Christendom celebrate Easter together.

No, you cannot get married during the period when Orthodox Lent begins and Orthodox Easter, as Great Lent is a period of mourning and fasting. You can get married before Lent or after Easter, but not during Lent.

The dates are different mainly because the Western churches (Protestant and Catholic) use the Gregorian calender, the Orthodox church still uses the Julian calender which is 13 days ahead of the Gregorian. There are also difference in the lunar tables used.

Romania is Christian (98%) and follows the Greek Orthodox calendar. Easter this year is one week after the Catholic Easter. Good Friday would be on the 17th .

It's different for the same reason that Catholic Easter falls on a different day every year, the way it's calculated. The only difference is that the calculation for Orthodox Easter uses the Julian calendar and the Catholic Church uses the Gregorian calendar. The way it works is you start off with the ecclesiastical vernal equinox which always falls on March 21st in the Julian calendar. Easter then falls on the Sunday after the next full moon.

Because the two Churches (Orthodox and Catholic) use different calendars to calculate the date of Easter (which is a movable holiday). The Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar, whereas the Catholic Church uses the Gregorian calendar. The two Easters are not always a week apart (in 2007, they were on the same day), but that's usually the case.

The difference is that Christian Easter is a real holiday and there is no such thing as "Jewish Easter."

Lent is a Catholic celebration and you have to give up something for a period of time , and Easter is a Christian celebration were you celebrate the death of Jesus Christ

Orthodox Easter 2111 will be on Sunday, May 3.

Orthodox Easter 2012 was on Sunday, April 15.

Orthodox Easter in 2013 is May 5th.

Easter is calculated to follow the Jewish feast of Passover. The Jews use the Jewish calendar to calculate when Passover should occur. Catholics and most Protestants use the new Gregorian calendar decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 to calculate the date of Easter. The Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar introduced in 46 B.C.E. by Julius Caesar. As long as you celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, does the exact date really matter?

Ireland celebrates Easter with the Catholic Church in Rome, as opposed to the Eastern Orthodox and other Christian Churches. So for 2010, Easter Sunday is the 4th of April and that is when Easter will be celebrated in Ireland.

Orthodox Easter 1977 was on Sunday, April 10.

Orthodox Easter Sunday in 1967 was on 30th of April.

Orthodox Easter this year will occur on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

Orthodox Easter 2010 was on Sunday, April 4.

The date for The Orthodox Easter in 1947 was March 31.

Orthodox Easter 2013 was on Sunday, May 5.

Orthodox Easter 1963 was on Sunday, April 14.

Orthodox Easter 1957 was on Sunday, April 21.

Because you also have to allow for the first full moon after the spring equinox and other variable when calculating the date of Easter.

In western Christianity (i.e., Roman Catholic and Protestant, but not Eastern Orthodox), Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25, inclusive, so it falls in April about 5/7 of the time, or about 70+%.

Greek Orthodox Easter 1939 was on Sunday, April 9.

In 2012, Easter Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian +++ Easter is celebrated on April 15. one week later than Western (Protestant & Roman Catholic) Easter. Every few years the date line-up, due to a different calender: In the West - Gregorian / In the East - Justinian.

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