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A CEO is the Chief Executive Officer, an MD is a Managing Director.

The Chief Executive Officer is usually the owner of the business and outlines the companies goals and how he/she wants it to perform. The Managing Director is then the one who comes up with strategy plans and runs the workforce in order to meet the Cheif Executive Officer's orders. In some companies the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director are the same person, however this usually in smaller companies, but there have been instances in large corporations where they are also the same person- but this is rare. An example of a time when this occured in a large corporation would be that of Sir Reginal Miles Ansett's running of Ansett Airlines of Australia.

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Q: What is the difference between MD and CEO of a company?
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CEO and MD can be the Same Person, if the Company decides (small Co.) In a Big Corporation CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is at the Top and MD(Managing Director) is in a Lower Position, sometimes appointed by the Board of Directors, depending upon the Company Articles and MOA

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The difference is that a CEO is a mere employee of the Company while the MD is a Director of the Company and must assume the role and duties of a Director as laid down in Legislation. The MD must sit on the Board of a Company while a CEO may sit on the Board.

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Chairman is the chief of board of directors which is the highest policy making body in a company. MD is appointed by chairman to look after day to day activities of the company

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