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Assuming that BE = Bachelor of Engineering versus a B Tech (Bachelor of Technology??? I would rate the BE better than a BT.


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BE Does not have technology

btech engineering is relates to its all parts and fields as-software and harware all . And comp. with IT is complete software field. computer engineering to be a perfect engineer perfect in every field of it.

AMIE and BTech are engineering degrees. The main difference between the two is that, AMIE has a central syllabus but BTech has state syllabus.. AMIE courses are being conducted by The Institution Of Engineers (India) While different universities conduct BTech.

btech full form is bachelor in techonology............. bsc is bachelor in sciene.......... so it is clear that btech is an engineerig degree..........

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if you go to Anna university website, u can find

btech is a degree obtained at any university of tecnology whilst a bcom is obtained at any university however they is no diffrence between the qualifications

The bachelor's degree is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study full. The BTech, one of those degree types that is particular to technology.

The salary difference between MTech and BTech is low.. BTech graduates get an average salary of around 17k in India. And MTech graduates get around 19k.. So its better to do MBA after BE or BTech unless you are to bright in technical aspects..

b-tech information technology 3rd semester exam dates Anna universityCoimbatore

The scope of both the programmes are the same. BTech was the designation of some three- and four-year programmes at some British universities in the 1960s and 1970s, but it is no longer used (via ). Some Indian universities offer BTech programmes, but as such there is no difference between the scope of study in the BE or BTech programme. In Singapore, some universities offer part-time engineering programmes as BTech and the regular course as a BE programme.AnswerThe difference in BTech and BE. are the courses taken to receive these degrees. BTech. stands for Bachelor Of Technology.BE. stands for Bachelor Of Engineering.In some countries like Pakistan engineering coucels of country not accept BTECH engineers as Engineer,AnswerIn late 70s and early 80s institutes offering Engineering with other degrees, called their engineering degree BE and institute offered only Engineering degrees called their degree as B.Tech. But in present scenario there is no difference. There is very little difference today,B Tech is said to be more skill and practical oriented study of Engineering and BE is knowledge and Theory based ,but since Industry Application skill is present in both currently it is just a choice BTech or BE,there is no major difference than approach to the study.Both have same value ,the importance is more on which University you complete the degree and percentage of passing.

No am a BTech IT student i need to take the seminar on digital scent technology pls send you a detailed report about this topic?

You can, however you will have to inquire about any prerequisite coursework required for entrance into the program.

Information about the lateral entry in btech in UPTU can be found on the UPTU website. This includes the syllabus.

fee of Ist year for B.Tech in ABES institute and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering 4 years full time, Bachelor of Technology 3 years full time.You can also do a Master of Engineering Technology after B.Tech. Add 1 year.I did 2 and 3. at

Sorry, at this moment we are not offering btech courses. we offer diploma courses in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Computer Engineering (CE), Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) and Information Technology Enabled Services & Management (ITES&M).

software engineering comes under the category of computer science or information technology. To become one either you need to to btech in IT or CSE OR MCA OR diploma from a good institute .

i m archana singh from lucknow .i did my schcooling from lucknow also.i did my high school from sr inter college and inter from dayanand inter college.i completed my btech from goel institute of technology and management.i secure 70% marks in btech.

Some of the B.Tech colleges in India, Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Vellore Institute of Technology, Karunya Institute of Science and Technology, B.S.Abdur Rahman University

u can get it in matha college of technology, n.parur , kerala,official website

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