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What is the difference between a database and data structure?

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2006-07-25 15:08:22

A data structure is the internal representation of the data. It

may be a list, a linked list, a stack, heap or just about anything

else that can be immagined and represented internal to the machine.

For example, the data structure may be a linked list of control

blocks for a specific product that is progressing through an

automated machining facility. The control block may include

information regarding the product, the tolerances, date/time that

the product entered the different machining centers and the

inspectors who verified the product at different points along the

way. The data structure (control block) may or may not be stored in

a database during the manufacturing process. Some application

engineers may determine that the data needs to remain in memory to

address real-time issues and for speed concerns. On the other hand,

the data may be handed off to a database application for archiving.

A well defined database links the similar data elements together

and provides lookup "keys" that allow subsequent users to view and

manipulate the data.

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