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A saloon car is typically a large four-door car that is comfortable to ride in. They are often luxurious, but luxury isn't a requirement for a saloon car. Saloon cars can also be sporty or economical. Some examples of saloons are: Chrysler 300, Cadillac CTS, or a Toyota Avalon. A hatchback is simply a car with a hatch on the back instead of a trunk. They can have a short or long wheelbase and can be two or four door. They can also range from economical to sporty as well. A few examples include: VW Golf, Toyota Prius, and the BMW M-Coupe. There are also saloons like the Audi A6 that have hatchback/wagon sisters like the A6 Avant or the Allroad that are built off of the same frame and share many body panels.

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Q: What is the difference between a hachback and saloon car?
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What is difference between saloon and sedan car?

They both refer to the same thing. Sedan is a North American term and Saloon is a British term.

What is a 4 door saloon car?

A sedan. -The difference is simply that 'saloon car' is British terminology and 'sedan' is American.

What is a saloon or an estate?

Saloon and estate are descriptions of the shape of the rear of a car. In a saloon car the roof drops at the back and there is a trunk or boot at the back. In an estate car the roof line doesn't drop off providing a much larger boot space.If you Google for "estate car images" and "saloon car images" you'll find some pictures that demonstrate the shape difference.

I want to know difference between Saloon and hatchback car?

A saloon car has a bonnet (UK) hood (US) at the front and a boot (UK) trunk(US) at the back. A hatchback is the same at the front but at the back there is a door that opens (upwards) straight into the car. They often have fold down rear seats so that you can store more stuff.

Is a Honda CR-V know as saloon car?

No, a "saloon" car is an old-time expression for a 4-door sedan.

What is the cheapest saloon car available in UK?

According to "What car" magazine, the cheapest saloon car on the UK market, is the Dacia Logan costing £5900. This is a licencebuilt Renault.

Why do the British call a sedan a saloon car?

In Britain the Saloon was a luxe lounge area for the wealthy on ships, when the car was invented the nice ones were called saloons to lend an air of luxury to the car and appeal to the wealthy.

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How many Mechanical signals does a saloon car have?


What is the difference between a 1960's car and a 2010 car?

The year...

What is the difference between armoured car and non amoured car?

The armoured car has armour.

What is the difference between a car with a flat wheel and a tree?

The difference between a car with a flat wheel and a tree is that the wheel can be replaced, and the car will transport you. A tree will not transport you from one location to another.