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What is the difference between an information architecture and an information technology infrastructure?


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Information Architecture is a field and approach to designing clear, understandable communications by giving care to structure, context, and presentation of data and information. Particularly refers to websites and intranets, including labelling and navigation schemes. An information technology infrastructure however, is the base or foundation for the delivery of information to support programs and management (of an agency for example). The infrastructure contains elements upon which an agency's information technology activities are dependent. An agency must therefore define, implement, and manage these infrastructure elements to successfully employ information technology.


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Information technology (IT) architecture and infrastructure are analogous to opposite sides of the same coin. This is because software design must be compatible and supportive of the hardware architecture itself.

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The basic definition in regards to information technology infrastructure is the integrated framework upon which digital networks operate. The infrastructure includes data, computers and computer networks.

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The word application, in terms of infrastructure, usually refers to the information technology.

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Information architecture is the design of the storage system used to store and retrieve stored information. Examples include databases, flat file records,hierarchicalsubdirectories, and so on. These broad classifications are often further defined, especially databases, to include the storage engine used (myISAM, InnoDB, etc for MySQL databases), how the information is distributed across the tables, how the information is organized in columns and records, and so on.Information technology infrastructure means the devices used to store, receive, process, and distribute the information stored within the information architecture. This includes the terminals (PCs, for example), network routers, hubs, nodes, and software, server hardware and software, and the software used to retrieve and process the information or commit other actions with it.

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The word application, in terms of cabling infrastructure, often refers to information technology. The infrastructure itself could be a city, nation, or corporation.

An IT degree focuses on information technology infrastructure as a way of moving information from one place to another using technology. A business degree focuses on the practices and procedures to run a business. It should be noted, however, that they are complementary degrees. Someone who has a background in both has a dynamite background for businesses that need technical expertise.

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Some of the degrees that are available in the technology field include chemical engineering, plant engineering and information technology. I.T mostly covers computer technology and communication infrastructure.

Information technology often referred to as IT, is the process of understanding computer infrastructure in business and technology. Information technology is a broad term that deals with computer software, computer hardware, networks and the internet, interactive media, and various emerging technologies.

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not it everything is related to logic, if any information is traveling from one place to another there is technology or we can say an architecture how it is traveling. . . .therefore IT is related to logic.

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