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What is the difference between imitation vanilla and vanilla extract as it pertains to recipes?


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There is no quantitative difference. They can be substituted on a one-to-one basis.

Imitation vanilla is manufactured either from clove oil (eugenol) or as a breakdown product of lignin from a conifer (e.g., spruce, Picea).

Pure vanilla chemically has over 200 elemental chemicals that give it its taste and smell, and it is impossible to mimic this 100% today. The main compound that gives real vanilla its taste is called vanillin. Madagascan vanilla has 3 times as much vanillin concentration (and therefore taste) compared to its nearest competition the Mexican Bourbon variety, and this is why it has such a reputation.

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There is no alcohol in imitation vanilla extract

In the US, imitation vanilla extract often has an alcohol content of 35% (70 proof).

Essence is defined as possessing the qualities of something in concentrated form and extract is a solution (as in alcohol) of essential constituents of a complex material. So according to this, strictly the extract should be natural and the essence may be a chemical imitation. But according to Wikipedia "An extract consists of a certain percentage of true essence, or its chemical imitation, in an alcoholic solution". So as a commercial product they may be the same.

Yes, it is possible to use imitation vanilla when making cookies. However, imitation vanilla usually does not taste as good as real vanilla extract.

vanilla extract with a little tiny bit of lemon eetract

There is no measure difference...if your recipe calls for 1tsp of pure vanilla use 1tsp vanilla extract, or vice-versa.

According the the label on the imitation vanilla extract bottle on my shelf, none.

Vanilla Extract is extracted from vinilla hence the word extract

about a tablespoon of extract (or essence) of vanilla. or vanillin (imitation vanilla) extract.

Extract puuls the air ,exhaust push the air

Vanilla Extract is the extract from the vanilla pod. Whereas vanilla flaouring is a synthetic product.

Peppermint oil is 100% oil. Extract is a diluted version.

One tastes like almond and the other like vanilla

Yes you can and unless it is recipe that's main ingredient is vanilla bean, most people will not be able to tell the difference. As a matter of fact, most people can't tell the difference between pure vanilla extract and imitation that costs a LOT less. I use 1 teaspoon of extract for 1 pod of vanilla bean. If you are worried about the liquid imbalance in the recipe, decrease another of your liquids by a teaspoon.

vanilla extract is a raw material but flavour is odour which is not raw material.

Hmm. I'm not positive, but I would assume that one is the extract of a grape seed and the other is the extract of a grapefruit seed.

Promite has latoise in there yeast extract where Vegemite does not

"Pure" vanilla extract generally contains 35-40% alcohol... "Imitation" vanilla does not use alcohol as an ingredient

No. Only "pure" vanilla extract is made with alcohol

If it's real vanilla extract, it'll be 80 proof (or 40%) alcohol content - in which case it'll be fine. If it's imitation vanilla extract, I'm not so sure.

"Pure" vanilla extract is regulated by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to a maximum of 35% alcohol. Imitation vanilla extract generally doesn't contain alcohol

As a noun: I always use pure vanilla extract, never imitation vanilla flavoring.As a verb: They could not extract him from the wreck without cutting the car away with a 'jaws of life'.

I would suggest doubling whatever the recipe calls for.

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