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What is the difference between staff and consultant?


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Staff is internal to the company and is generally not considered an expert. A consultant is paid more, regarded more highly by management and usually more specialized in the field than staff personnel.


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Both managing consultant and management consultant are same. clasick international

A registrar is a paper pusher, a consultant is a senior doctor.

There is no difference. For instance, I am technically both

difference btn line and line and staff organization

A subcontractor is a person hired by another company to perform specific tasks of project, which is often construction of some type. The difference is that a sub-consultant is a person that is contracted by a consultant to provide services to a client.

The difference between line relationship and staff relationship is that, line relationship receives command from the top management, while staff relationship is managed by all staff.

personal staff work for congress while committee staff work for the state

The primary difference between line function and staff function is accountability. Line functions are typically used for sales and production, while staff functions are used in production planning and marketing.

Within a school or university, "staff" refers to any employee of that institution, while "faculty" refers to teaching staff.

Real Analyst analyse the real estate world and real estate consultant helps you in buying and selling of property. nursing is little but high rank than staff nurse

In music, "stave" is the plural of "staff." You will never have 1 stave or 3 staffs, but you will have 1 staff or 3 staves.

The terms consultant and specialist are often interchanged. However, in an industry such as the medical field the terms can mean two very different things such as a specialist in a certain area of medicine and a consultant referring to a person who works as an independent contractor.

Line has authority to give order to subordinates. A staff can not give order. Staff can only suggest line. Hence line is responsible for the work of subordinates, but staff does not.

A Staff Sergeant is a noncommissioned officer, whereas a Captain is a commissioned officer.

Administration is a member of the University who has a licensed teaching degree, and a staff member does not have a licensed teaching degree. The pay of a administration and staff member are very different.

Faculty are teachers or administrators with an educational degree. Staff members are employees who are not licensed teachers. Sometimes faculty members are referred to as being part of the staff. However, staff members are not faculty.

Crew work together as a team to get the job done and staff do their individual jobs to get a larger job done..

An IT Consultant is a specialist who you bring into a project for his technical expertise usually as a programmer or a technical architect. Whereas, a Project Manager is the person who plans, supervises and manages the whole project work.

A psychiatrist is a medical physician with a specialization in psychiatry and (sometimes) psychopharmacology. A staff psychiatrist is simply one who is on the staff of an institution, as opposed to one who is brought in from outside.

A line position is a position that works with production. A staff position is an office position. A staff position works with customers and products before they hit production.

The difference between line and staff relationships is the chain of command. In a line organization the top management has complete control and the chain of command is very clear.

A consultant facilitates interpersonal communications between members of a given profession.

The difference between a big hotel and a small hotel is the amount of rooms that they have. The amount of staff and the size of the building are also differences.

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