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In principle, there are very few differences. Episcopals are part of the Anglican Communion and thus adhere to Anglican rites (and retain such things from Catholicism as Apostolic succession, etc. which only some Lutherans do), but theologically they are so similar that in North America they have ecumenical agreements with each other such as CCM (called to common mission) and in Europe they have the Porvoo agreement. In Australia, however, there is essentially just one level of the Lutheran church, whereas the Anglican (i.e. equivalent of the American Episcopalian) is divided into 2 levels: "High Anglican" and "Low Anglican". The Lutheran church lies somewhere in between with its application of liturgy and the Sacrament. High Anglican in Australia is almost on a par with the Roman Cathloic church, with regard to its use of formalities, chanted liturgy, rites and ceremonies. "Low Anglican" is more liberal than the lutheran church in its beliefs.

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The Episcopal Church incorporates Protestant elements and does not recognize the authority of the Pope. Episcopal priests can be women, married, or openly gay.

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Roman Catholics report to the pope in Rome, believing him to be infallible. Episcopalians do not acknowledge the pope's infallibility and their hierarchy ends with archbishops.

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Q: What is the difference between the Catholic and the Episcopalian Church?
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What is the protocol for a Roman catholic and a Episcopalian to get married?

As a Catholic, you cannot be validly married anywhere else besides a Roman Catholic church. If you get permission from your Episcopalian Bishop, the Episcopal Church will recognize your marriage in a Roman Catholic church.

What is the difference between episcapalion and catholic?

Both churches and the Lutheran Church are "non reformed churches". They did not eliminate the rites of the Roman Catholic Church during the reformation. The Lutheran and Episcopal Churches are Protestant churches. The Lutheran church was founder by Martin Luther when he broke away from the Catholic Church and the Episcopalian church was formed when King Henry the eighth of England broke away from the Catholic Church and the Pope. He later took over all the churches and destroyed many of them. As a side note, all Christians were Roman Catholic until the 15th century.

Why can't an Episcopalian from high church receive Communion in a Catholic church?

Roman Catholic AnswerAn Episcopalian, regardless of his persuasion (high church or low church) is still a protestant, even if he likes the more Catholic ceremonies of the high church. Holy Communion in a Catholic Church is restricted to those who believe as a Catholic and are in a state of grace (have been baptised, and have been to confession). An Episcopalian is not Catholic, and does not believe as the Catholic Church does. If he does believe what the Catholic Church does, like everyone else, he must attend RCIA classes and be legitimately brought into the Church at the Easter Vigil. Having been a "high church" Episcopalian myself, I know of what I speak!

What is the difference between Roman Catholic church and the Episcopalian church?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Roman Catholic Church was established by God from the side of His Son hanging on the cross and was guaranteed to guide us until the end of time; to extend salvation to us, and to bring God to us, and us to God. The Episcopalian Church is the American offshoot of the Anglican Church which is a protestant religion started by Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth, in the sixteenth century, in order to have a Church subservient to their royal wishes and will.

What is the difference between Anglicanism and Espicopalian?

Mainly locations - the Episcopalian church is pretty much the American branch of the Anglican Church, which was the Church of England.

What is a sentence for episcopalian?

Episcopalian priests may be male or female.All of her ancestors were Episcopalian except for her great-grandfather.The Episcopalian faith uses Sacraments similar to those in the Catholic Church.

Which Christian denomination has gospel choirs?

The Catholic Church, the Anglican(Episcopalian) Church, Presbyterian Church, Orthodox Church, etc.

Can a widowed catholic man who got married in an Episcopalian church marry a catholic woman in a catholic ceremony?

obviously after the death of his wife

What is the difference between a Synagogue and a Catholic Church?

a synagouge is the temple of the jews. a church is the temple of the christians.

Is Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary II a catholic?

no she is the head of the Church of England (Episcopalian)

What makes an Episcopalian different from a Catholic?

I'm not sure about the little details, but the biggest difference is that episcoplalians do not recognize the pope as the head of the church. Other than that, they are very similar.

Is Mass celebrated in the Episcopalian church?

Mass is specifically a Catholic rite. In the Episcopal Church, they call a similar ritual the Eucharist.