What is the difference between wheat and atta flour?

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"Atta" actually means "flour" in most East Indian dialects. Atta flour is not actually a 'type of flour'. Most East Indians, when they refer to atta in a recipe, will use a mixture of whole-wheat and all-purpose flour (most often a two to one ratio). Exclusively whole-wheat flour could be used if it is very finely ground, and in this case, the earlier answer may apply. (The definition given below of 'atta' being the flour made from the grain and the endosperm (without the bran) would be a very fine flour, and could indeed be used to make many East Indian recipes, such as chapattis or rotis. )

But the correct answer here is that 'atta' really means flour, so there is no real 'correct' answer to this question!

A grain of wheat is made up of three main parts. The germ is the bit in the middle, which holds the most nutrients and the endosperm makes up the bulk of the grain with starches and sugars. The husk or bran is the tough skin, like you find on the outside of brown rice. This is very high in dietary fibre.

Brown or wholewheat flour contains all three parts of the grain.

White flour contains only the endosperm which means it retains the carbohydrates loses most of the minerals and vitamins.

Atta flour on the other hand uses the germ and the endosperm. But not the bran. Bran fibre is insoluble, so atta flour is a much lighter more easily digested flour. And good digestion is the key to good health.
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What is the difference between cake flour and regular flour?

Answer . Cake flour has less gluten in it. Gluten is in wheat flour. It is what gives bread it's texture and structure.. cake flour is a soft summer wheat as is pastry flour. regular flour and bread flours are a winter wheat a lot more gluten. Cake flour is softer and more refined than all pur ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between cake flour and pastry flour?

Flour. Generally speaking, flour made from hard winter wheat contains 13% to 15% protein (gluten). Bread flour is made from hard wheat which produces dough that is elastic and can expand well. Flour made from wheat grown in the hot months of summer is soft wheat with only 4% to 9% gluten. ( Full Answer )

The difference between wheat berries and whole wheat?

Wheat berries are wheat kernels that have been stripped only of their inedible outer hulls. They're nutritious, but they take hours to cook.. Whole wheat (flour) is made from the entire grain of the wheat including the bran, but it is ground.

What is the difference between wheat flour and gram flour?

Both whole-wheat flour and graham flour contain the wheat germ,which means that it also has a higher fiber, nutritional and fatcontent. Graham flour is a whole-wheat flour that is slightlycoarser than regular grind. Graham flour was developed by the Rev.Sylvester Graham. I believe the question was ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between maize and wheat?

Maize is the proper name for corn. Wheat and corn were once closely related as varieties of grain bearing grasses. Mankind has hybridized corn far away from its original form in nature. Wheat remains closely related to rye, barley, rice etc.

What is the difference between corn and wheat?

Size. Corn is significantly larger than wheat by a factor of 2. Corn has larger leaves, larger seed head, and grows much taller. It's seedhead is enclosed by a husk and is located on the middle of the plant, not the top like with wheat. Wheat has its seed head not enclosed by a husk, and has smaller ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between pastry flour and all purpose flour?

From http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/baking-flour-facts.htm. The main difference among flour types is in the gluten content, which varies depending on whether the flour is made from hard wheat or soft wheat. Gluten is the protein that helps yeast stretch and rise. To achieve the best baking resu ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between wheat gluten and vital wheat gluten?

Vital Wheat Gluten is a wheat flour protein material that has been seperated from the starch then dried rapidly with a minimum amount of heat in order to preserve its vitality. ( functional characteristics including extensibility.) Used o improve dough strength at levels from 1 to 4 % for most yeast ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between wheat and gluten?

There really isn't a difference in gluten and wheat because gluten is something inside of wheat Gluten is a protein in the wheat also found in barley, spelt, etc. But, what most seem to be allergic to is the process that garners the gluten from the wheat and using it in many other food products. Thi ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between self rising flour and bread flour?

Self rising flour, used for biscuits, pancakes and so forth, has baking soda included to create (when mixed with water) the CO 2 that causes the dough to rise (fluff up). Bread flour requires the presence (usually the addition) of yeast, which ferments the starch in the flour, producing the CO 2 f ( Full Answer )

What is the different between rice flour and wheat flour?

Wheat flour and rice flour have many differences other than their derivation from different grains.Rice flour is from rice,wheat flour is from wheat. They contain different nutrients and have different textures. Rice flour does not have gluten. The higher protein and gluten content make wheat flours ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between whole wheat flour and refined white flour?

White flour has had the inner husk or bran and the germ (the seed) parts removed so that just the starch contents of the wheat remain. Whole wheat flour has all these ground into the flour, so has more fibre and nutrients. It also has a little more oil, (such as the wheat bran oil), and therefore ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between pasta wheat and bread wheat?

They can be the same type of wheat flower actually. The only difference is pasta has an extremely low level of hydration, which produces the stiff dough which when dried will form hard pasta. It's a similar concept to bagels vs sandwich bread. Bagels have a lower hydration level which is why they ar ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between high grade flour and plain flour?

High grade flour or strong flour has a higher content of gluten (a protein formed when flour is moistened) so is mor4e suitable for baking items that require this "strength" such as bread and dense cakes such as dried fruit cakes. A lower gluten content is desirable for more delicate textured item ( Full Answer )

What is the different between rice and wheat?

Wheat is a grain that grows in hot, dry climates, rice is a grass that grows in wet, marshy, tropical climates. Wheat is mainly grown as Rabi crop whereas rice is mainly grown as kharif crop.

Is there a difference between cake flour and normal flour?

yes there is a difference. Cake flour has cornstarch in it and makes a cake lighter in weight. You can make your own cake flour by SIFTING together: 3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon of regular flour and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch yield 1 cup of cake flour

What is the difference between cornstarch and flour?

Cornstarch is made from Corn, flour is usually made from wheat . You can use cornstarch to thicken sauces and gravy, also you can use cornstarch in combination with flour for cakes and cookies , Cakeflour contains cornstarch, makes cakes very tender.

What is the difference between wheat flour and white flour What does it mean for flour to be enriched What does it mean for a flour to be refined?

Whole wheat flour is just that, wheat that is ground into flour with nothing removed. White flour is just the middle part of the wheat kernel without the bran or wheat germ. Enriched flour has vitamins added to it to make up for the bran and wheat germ. Refined could mean any of these other than w ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between flour and starch?

STARCH FLOUR Thickening power Twice as flour Less effective bec. of the gluten Thickening Stability Stable Breaks down if frozen and thawed Temp. of solution Cold water Hot water Consistency of mixture Without lumps With lumps Flavor Doesn't mask dish Alter the flavor flavor Appearance Transparen ( Full Answer )

What is the differences between banana flour and wheat flour?

Banana flour can be used as a mixture material for various cakes/breads (wet and dry cakes), and for infant feeding. Banana flour contains low gluten, so it could not be used as the main cake material. Therefore, to produce high quality cake, banana flour must be mixed with wheat flour. Banana fl ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between whole wheat flour and pastry flour?

Whole wheat flour contains the entire grain including the bran and "germ" of the wheat berry (grain.) Pastry flour is more highly refined, with the bran and germ removed. Pastry flour also is made from strains of wheat with lower gluten (protein) than all-purpose or bread flour, in order to produce ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between white flour and brown flour?

Usually a white flour is used for meat and most probably,the brown one used to make a bread.if the white one,try to mix it with chicken or pork,and mix it wit an egg,then fry it until the color become brownish!but don't let it until singed.try it,and it is known as the delicious.if the brown one,it ( Full Answer )

What is the difference of whole wheat and wheat flour?

Flour can be made from many types of grain or bean. Wheat flour can be several different grades of flour. Whole wheat is just that, it's the whole grain ground into flour with nothing removed.

Is there wheat in flour?

It depends upon the type and the ingredients of flour. But usually, flour consists of wheat so that it would be healthy! :)

What is the difference between plain flour and strong flour?

"Strong flour" is the British term for high gluten flour made from "duram" wheat, literally, "strong" wheat. In the U.S., this is known as bread flour. It is used for baking yeast breads, where a chewy texture is desirable. Bread flour has a higher percentage of protein, which forms the elastic, che ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between cake flour and self raising flour?

Cake flour is designed to have a low protein content, which results in goods being lighter and more crumbly, compared to when you use all-purpose (or all-purpose self-raising) flour. Sometimes cake flour has leavening agents in it, to make it "self-raising" (but with a low protein content). You can ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between self rising flour and ordinary flour?

Self rising flour already includes the baking powder and salt necessary to make the recipe rise properly. You will find that many older cookbooks tell you to combine baking powder, salt and flour first and set aside for later use. You can skip this step by buying self-rising flour.

What is the difference between Canada wheat and us wheat?

They are different varieties of wheat. Canadian wheat needs a shorter growing season and the capability to grow in cooler temperatures. US wheat grows in the Midwest where it is hotter and has a longer growing season.

Is there a difference between baking flour and plain flour?

Baking flour, or cake flour, is ground finer than all-purpose (plain) flour. You can always use either flour for any situation, but baking flour works especially well when preparing cakes or brownies, as it produces a much lighter, airier end product.

What is the difference between gram flour and unbleached white flour?

Gram flour is made from ground chick peas (garbanzos) which are a pulse, whereas white flour is made from ground wheat which is a grain. Gram flour has a higher protein content than wheat flour but does not contain gluten and therefore cannot so easily be used to make bread or crepes or any baked pr ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between self rising flour and plain flour?

Self rising flour contains baking powder and salt. Plain flour,also known as all-purpose flour, doesn't contain baking powder andsalt. Baking powder is the leavening agent that causes baked goodsto rise. If you use plain flour in baking without adding bakingpowder, salt, and sometimes yeast, your ba ( Full Answer )