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The driving distance between Krakow, Poland and Warsaw, Poland is approximately 293 km with an approximate driving time of 4 hours, 28 minutes.

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What is the distance between Warsaw and karkow?

The distance between Warsaw and Krakow is 293.4 kilometers or 182.31 miles. The driving time from Warsaw to Krakow is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

How long does it take to drive from Warsaw Poland to Krakow Poland?

Its 300 kilometers from warsaw to krakow. so you would travel 4-5 hours, matters how fast your going.

Why was Warsaw chosen as the Capital for Poland?

all i know is that krakow was before Warsaw and krakow did not want to be sopoland chose Warsaw

Is Auschwitz between Warsaw and krakow?

No, Auschwitz is actually 40 Miles west of Krakow and 214 Miles South, South West of Warsaw.

Is Krakow the capital of Poland?

No, the capital is Warsaw. However, Krakow was the capital of Poland in the Middle Ages.

How do you to get from LAX to Krakow Poland?

There is no direct flights from Los Angeles to Krakow., but you can take a plane to London Heathrow then fly to Warsaw (Capital City of Poland) and then take a regional flight from Warsaw to Krakow. It will cost a lot though...;)

What is the distance between Berlin and Warsaw?

The distance between Berlin and Warsaw is 567.6 kilometers or 352.69 miles. It takes about 4 hours and 51 minutes to drive from Berlin to Warsaw.

How long has Warsaw been Poland's capital?

Since the year 1596, when the capital was shifted from Krakow to Warsaw.

Is there Marks and Spencers in Krakow?

There are Marks and Spencers in Poland(including their food halls) in Warsaw ,Wroclaw etc but sadly not in Krakow.

What country is Krakow located in?

Krakow is located in Poland. Specifically Krakow is in Southern Poland. It is a town that is a four hour train ride from Warsaw. It has a very large steel mill in its town.

What are the major cities of Poland?

Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw

What is the air distance between Warsaw and San Francisco?

The air distance from Warsaw, Poland, to San Francisco, California, is 7,415 miles. That equals 11,933 kilometers or 6,443 nautical miles.

What are Poland's 3 biggest cities?

By city population: 1. Warsaw (Warszawa) 2.Cracow ( Krakow) 3.Lodz By metropolitan area population: 1.Kattowitz (Katowice) 2.Warsaw (Warszawa) 3.Lodz or Krakow

What is the distance between Chicago IL and Warsaw Poland?

The total distance from Chicago, IL to Warsaw, Poland is 4,681 miles as the crow flies. This is equivalent to 7,533 kilometers or 4,068 nautical miles.

What is between Warsaw and Asuncion?

Distance is 11,460 kilometers or 7121 miles or 6188 nautical miles

What are famous places in Poland?

Warsaw (the capital), Krakow, Wroclaw, Lublin, Lodz, Gdansk.

What's the name of the two main cities in Poland?

Warsaw and Krakow. Warsaw is a capital city and most populous city, so it is the main one in Poland, and Krakow is second most populous city and there are a lot of tourist from whole the world.

What is the distance between Paris and Krakow?

Paris is 795 miles or 1279.16 km away from Krakow.

Is Krakow an older city than Warsaw?

Yes. It was already a provincial capital in 1138. Warsaw wasn't even founded until the 13th century.

Famous places in Poland?

warsaw - capital city krakow- old capital city gdansk

What were the largest ghettos in the Holocaust?

WarsawLodzKrakowLemberg (also known as Lviv and Lvov)

What airport do you need to use to fly into Auschwitz?

Warsaw is the nearest major international airport, but you might consider Krakow, which is very close.

How many miles is the flight from Chicago to Warsaw?

The air distance from Chicago, Illinois, to Warsaw, Poland, is 4,679 miles. That equals 7,530 kilometers or 4,066 nautical miles.

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