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What is the easiest or best way to transfer files from a PC to a Mac without a CD burner?

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September 14, 2011 9:44AM

Install Linux with netatalk on the PC. Now you can network the two.


Simple: get a crossover cable and make sure your PC has a network adapter and hook the two comptuers together. as long as your MAC has the latest OS you should see the mac in the network neighborhood(in windows 95 - ME) or mynetwork places(if you have windows 2000 or windows xp) try googling this you should find tons of information on it.


though you can do both, the best solution is just to buy a external CD burner, they don't cost much, and instead of researching or trying to install and syncronize the 2, it would be worth your while to buy a CD burner >>MWK<<


USB drive (thumb drive, pin drive). + They're small, cheap, and easy to use. Just plug it in, open a window for the drive, drag&drop or copy&paste, eject it, take it out, put it in the other computer, and put the files where you want them.