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Install Linux with netatalk on the PC. Now you can network the two.

AnswerSimple: get a crossover cable and make sure your PC has a network adapter and hook the two comptuers together. as long as your MAC has the latest OS you should see the mac in the network neighborhood(in windows 95 - ME) or mynetwork places(if you have windows 2000 or windows xp) try googling this you should find tons of information on it. Answerthough you can do both, the best solution is just to buy a external CD burner, they don't cost much, and instead of researching or trying to install and syncronize the 2, it would be worth your while to buy a CD burner >>MWK<< Answer

USB drive (thumb drive, pin drive). + They're small, cheap, and easy to use. Just plug it in, open a window for the drive, drag&drop or copy&paste, eject it, take it out, put it in the other computer, and put the files where you want them.

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How do you transfer files from an xbox hard drive to another without losing data?

The easiest way to transfer files from an Xbox hard drove to another without losing data is to buy a hard drive transfer kit or transfer cable. It will connect the two hard drives and transfer the files directly. It is also possible to transfer the files by using a flash drive.

I have loads of files on my old computer how easily can I transfer them onto this one?

The easiest two ways to transfer your files would be via a data backup or via a USB to USB cable, which will connect the two systems for simple transfer.

How do you transfer old CPU files to new CPU?

You don't. The CPU is your processor. You can transfer files to a new HDD, one of the easiest ways is to slave up your old drive and copy everything over.

What is the easiest way to download music flash drive?

Plug it into a USB slot on a computer and simply transfer the files.

Which iPhone App can be used to send mp3 files over bluetooth to another phone?

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here: It can: 1&#12289;Transfer files from iPhone to iPhone(iPhone to iPhone transfer) 2&#12289;Transfer files from iPhone to local computer(iPhone to Computer transfer) 3&#12289;Transfer files from iPhone to iTunes(iPhone to iTunes transfer) 4&#12289;Transfer files from local files to iPhone without iTunes 5&#12289;Supports all sorts of devices

How can I transfer the audio or video files PC to mobile without wired?


How do you transfer files from one laptop to another?

The easiest thing would be to use a USB flash drive, or a compact disk. Just copy the files you want to transfer on to the disk to flash drive, insert the storage device into your other computer, and copy the files from the storage device on to your new computer.

Can you transfer nook files to a computer?

You can transfer you Nook files to your computer.

How do you transfer pictures from PC to iPhone?

You can use 3herosoft iPhone Transfer which allows you to transfer pictures from to iPhone without convering the previous one. Of course, the main function of this iPhone transfer is that it can backup all ipod files to PC, or sync iPod files to iTunes.

How do you transfer files from another computer to your iPod without erasing the existing music on the iPod?

It is not allowed.

Which application allow a user to access and change remote files without actual transfer?


How do you transfer iPhone files?

If you are looking how to transfer iPhone data and files then there is nothing to get worried because it has become very easy to transfer iPhone data and files. With iPhone transfer software it is easy to transfer iPhone data and files like contacts, messages, photos etc.

How do you transfer files from a laptop you cannot turn on?

Without disassembling the computer, you cannot. Go to a computer repairman, and ask him if he can get files off it, or make it turn on.

How do you transfer family tree maker to new computer?

Microsoft has a utility called "FAST" (Files And Settings Transfer) that will help you move your files to a new computer. You will need an external hard drive or large thumb drive. The easiest way to transfer files for a program like Family Tree Maker is to install the program on the new computer, then copy the entire installation folder from the old computer to the new computer, over-writing the files that are there.

How can you test your CD burner?

By inserting a blank CD and trying to burn some files onto it. Then taking it out and then inserting it in to see if the files are on it . If yes , then this CD burner is working greatly.

How do you recover deleted files using fatxplorer?

Transfer the files to your PC and then transfer them back to where they were before.

How do you copy all files in a directory without copying sub directories using FTP?

All files in a directly can be copied without copying the sub directories using FTP by first highlighting them. This allows a user to specifically select only the files they want to transfer. If you are doing this via the command line interface using the mget command with a mask (such as *) will transfer all files except subdirectories.

How do you open BC files?

BC files are incomplete torrent transfer files

Does duplicating a CD require fist making an ISO image of it?

no, but it is the easiest way to duplicate the entire contents of a CD. If all that is need is the files, you can just transfer them with windows

How can you transfer the files on your desktop at your laptop?

Get a memory stick. Put the files from your desk on and then put that in laptop USB and transfer.

How do you send text to an ipod touch through text plus?

A professional iPod transfer can help you transfer your iPod files to iPod, computer and iTunes. Key functions: 1.It can backup your iPod files to computer and transfer music/video/photos from local files to iPod without iTunes. 2.It can transfer your iPod files to iTunes and another iPod. 3.It can manage your iPod as a hard disc.

How do you transfer limewire files to external hard drive?

Open the folder that has the downloaded files. To transfer drag the files from LimeWire onto your external hard drive

What enables you to reduce transfer time when you download files?

enables you to reduce transfer time when you download files from the Internet or send files as e-mail attachments?

Can I connect the TiVo TCD652160 HD to my computer's Blu Ray Burner?

You can connect the TiVo TCD652160 HD to your computer using Tivo-to-PC. This will transfer the files to your computer which can then be burned with your Blu Ray Recorder.

How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?

How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?