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What is the easiest way to make a model Mag-Lev train move down a 15 foot track?

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balloon, dude

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Why doesn't a maglev train run on the tracks?

the maglev train uses magnatism on the tracks so it pushes the train up from the track so there is less friction

What is a bullet train how it differs from a maglev train?

The bullet train runs on regular track - no floating.

How does a maglev train float above the track?

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Where is the electromagnet in a maglev train?

the electromagnet is in the track then there are permanent magnets on the very bottom of the train on the part that wraps around the track

What is the maximum speed of a train?

The maximum speed of a Maglev (magnetic levitation) train on a test track in japan was 581km/h. In Shanghai, a Maglev train routinely runs to the airport at 431km/h.

Why is the maglev train called the maglev train?

maglev is short for Magnetic Levitation.

When maglev train is lifted which force reduce?

Friction. Oonce the train is clear of the track, there is no friction to slow it down.

How is a maglev train propelled along?

It uses a linear electric motor where the track is the stator and the train is the "rotor" (more correctly the slider as the train slides not rotates). Magnetic fields in the track and train both lift and move the train.

Why maglev train is faster than ordinary train?

Because there's no friction between the train and the track. In an 'ordinary' train, friction between the wheels and the rails takes a lot of energy to overcome before the train starts moving. In a Maglev train, the train itself actually 'floats' above the track on a 'cushion' of magnetic foirce. With no friction to slow it down, the train is capable of much higher speeds.

How much does a maglev train cost?

The maglev train costs nearly twice the cost of conventional train.

Does the Maglev Train float?

Yes. It is held above its track by magnets, so it has no wear and tear on its undercarriage.

Is the maglev train coming to the United Kingdom?

Not in the immediate future, it isn't. The cost of the track would be prohibitive.

Which goes faster a regular train or a maglev train?

maglev, by at least 100 mph.

How does a maglev run?

A Maglev (magnetic Levitation) runs in a new technology. Maglev work by magnets. There are large rotating magnets built onto the sides of the track and train. This causes the Maglevs to levitate. This is possible by electromagnetic suspension.

What happens to maglev trains when they encounter ice?

Maglev means magnetic levitation. So the train is not touching the track, in fact once the engines are fired up, the entire train lifts about one cm off the track. So ice is irrelevant to a maglev vehicle. Unlike conventional vehicles which use friction as a braking force, e.g., tires on a road, a maglev uses eddy currents produced in the track as a result of magnetic force as both propulsion and braking methods.

How does a maglev train make use of superconductivity?

Magnetic levitation is the method used for maglev trains. In order to levitate a train, superconducting magnetic coils are used to completely expel the magnetic fields which will cause the trains to fly off its track.

How can the strength of a magnet be increased to move a maglev train?

It cannot. The magnets used for a maglev train must be engineered and built at very tight tolerances to allow a maglev train to function. Each magnet is specifically built for the maglev train, they cannot be "strengthened" versions of a magnet not made specifically for the train.

What are the structure of a maglev train?

Magnetic levitation trainer do not run on rails but float above them. A current passes through The electromagnets in The track & on The train. The magnetism produced lifts The train upwards.

Why does a maglev train need to float over the track while moving forward?

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How does magnetism keep the cars suspended on a maglev train?

Magnetism elevates the maglev train because like forces repel. Maglev trains are not suspended, but are elevated.

How are maglev tracks different from other railway tracks?

Maglev stands for Magnetic Levitation. Means that the train will hover slightly over the track withoout direct contact making for a smoother ride.

What are the three different types of maglev trains?

The three types of maglev trains are EDS (electrodynamic suspension), EMS (electromagnetic suspension) and stabilized permanent magnet suspension (SPM). * For EMS, same pole electromagnets in the train repel it away from a magnetically conductive track. * The EDS uses electromagnets on both the track and the train, to push the train away from the track. * SPM uses opposite arrays of permanent magnets to magnetically levitate the train above the track.

What is the weight of the maglev train?

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Does Italy have Maglev train?


How does a maglev train move forward?

Magnets attract or repel (opposite poles attract: like poles repel), and electro-magnets can be turned on and off, or have their poles reversed, in an instant. So magnets are used instead of engines in a maglev train.There are two kinds of Maglev systems:EMS - ElectroMagnetic Suspension (Germany and China) - "pull" system. Magnets in the train are pulled forward by magnets in the track which are turned on just before the train arrives, and turned off as soon as the train is on top of them.EDS - ElectroDynamic Suspension (Japan) - "pull, neutral, push" system. Superconducting magnets in the train are pulled forward by track magnets. When the train is over the track magnet the track switches to neutral, then to the opposite polarity. So the magnet behind the train then pushes it massive magnets !

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