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After changing the battery on my dad's '97 Park Ave Ultra, the fuel guage was stuck against the pin on the back side of E. Googling this frustrating event months ago led to your question but no answers, so I'm happy to report a possible fix. My mother wisely suggested trying a small magnet and with the ignition off, the needle did move just a bit. So finally after buying a magnet capable of lifting 50 pounds...success! Here's step-by-step details: make sure the ignition is off, tap on the clear plastic over the gauge to try to get the needle moving, then rotate that big magnet (careful not to scratch) and spin that needle to the appropriate area, turn the ignition on and the correct position should lock in.

Try it, the magnet cost about 12 bucks and I wouldn't want to think about trying to get into that dashboard.


Take apart the dash.... When I bought my 98, like most other Park Avenues, the gas guage was stuck on the other side of E. The needle will however return to its proper place if it is "coaxed" back into its proper operating range. I took apart the dash and gauge cluster and gently rotated the needle back up around, when you turn on the key the needle goes EXACTALLY where is should be(depending on the amount of gas you have) As for the magnet, it works because the needle is controled by an electric motor, however, putting a magnet that can lift 50 pounds that close to all those electronics doesnt turn my crank...

I want to add that I just tried the magnet trick and it worked great. Just rotate the magnet counterclockwise and bingo, the needle returns back to where it should be. No need to take the dash apart or drill into the front of the guage to move the needle manually. If the power is off and you keep the magnet directly in front of the guage, it shouldn't create other problems.

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Q: What is the easiest way to reset the needles on the fuel and temperature gauges on a 1997 Buick Park Avenue?
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