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a form of government in which one person who inherits or is forced to a throne

the leader's power is limited by laws

A constitutional monarchy is a form of political government, NOT an economic system. There can be a variety of different economic policies (and economic theories) employed by a country under a constitutional monarchy. So, your question is unanswerable - it depends heavily on what type of constitutional monarchy, and what specific economic policy that constitutional monarchy follows.

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Q: What is the economy like in a constitutional monarchy?
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Is it true that the roman republic was not much like a constitutional monarchy?

The Roman republic was a republic. There was no monarchy, constitutional or otherwise.

Is America a constitutional monarchy?

no America is not a constitutional monarchy

What are the similarities absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy?

The similarities between a monarchy and constitutional monarchy are that their are both monarchies.

What kind of government does Japan have?

Constitutional monarchyA Constitutional Monarchy.yes yesConstitutional monarchy

How could I use constituional monarchy in a sentence?

There's never a good constitutional monarchy around when you need one. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy.

What type of government does the constitutional monarchy of japan have?

A constitutional monarchy.

Is great Britain a constitutional or absolute monarchy?

Constitutional Monarchy.

What are some disadvantages of constitutional monarchy?

There are virtually no disadvantages to a constitutional monarchy.

Does North Korea have a constitutional monarchy?

No. North Korea does not have a Constitutional Monarchy.

What is the difference of an absolute monarchy and a constitutional monarchy like Queen Elizabeth?

In an absolute monarchy, there is no limit on the power of the ruler. A constitutional monarchy imposes certain limits on the ruler's power. In the UK, the monarch's role is largely ceremonial.

Is Spain's government like the US government?

No. It is a parliamentary monarchy that is a constitutional monarchy with a prime minister.

Is Morocco's government constitutional monarchy?

yes. morocco's government is constitutional monarchy.

Is constitutional monarchy a type of government?

England has a constitutional monarchy. It is well governed.

Which monarchy is England?

A constitutional monarchy.

How is the government like in sweden?

They have a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

What are the two types of monarchy?

Absolute monarchy and Constitutional monarchy

What is sweden's form of government?

Constitutional monarchy.Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

What form of government did Count Cavour believe in?

constitutional monarchythe answer is constitutional monarchy

When was Australians for Constitutional Monarchy created?

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy was created in 1992-06.

Who chooses the ruler in constitutional monarchy?

God. In a constitutional monarchy it is normal for the crown to be inherited.

Does Spain have a constitutional monarchy?

No, it has a parliamentary monarchy.

Does the UK have a monarchy?

Yes, it has a constitutional monarchy.

Is Monaco a monarchy?

Monaco is a constitutional monarchy.

When did England become a constitutional monarchy?

England became a constitutional monarchy in 1688 CE after the Glorious Revolution. The first monarchs to rule with a constitutional monarchy were William and Mary of Orange.

What type of government does Denmark have?

Constitutional monarchy.You could call it a democracy, but we have a monarchy. The proper term would be a constitutional monarchy.