What is the elaborate thought of this quote Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love?

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the basic meaning of this quote is that anger and jealousy will spoil every human relation . World Wars have been fought for supremacy of power which only resulted in formation of blocks in the world and proving yourselves greater than the other. In a relationship of love you do not have to prove yourself greater than the partner but you should be able to say that your partner is better than you. A real man does not love 100 girls but he love one girl in 100 different manners.

Another Perspective: Let's keep it simple

Consider that those in love rarely want to be out of each other's company. They would spend every waking minute with each other if the could.

That's the one hand; on the other is anger and jealousy. Those who are angry typically prefer to keep the object of their ire within eye-shot. One can be prepared to meet the response of an enemy in view. Jealousy is love's ugly cousin. Where love seeks reciprocity, jealousy seeks only ownership and control. You can't control what you can't see. So, the jealous person keeps the object of their focus in view. On the flip side of that, those who might seek to steal away the object of their focus, becomes the object of their anger to the jealous person. And, the wheel turns.
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