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What is the elevation of Mt Copiapo in Chile?

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Mt. Copiapo in Chile, is the worlds hightest active volcano at 6.080 m/19.935 ft.

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What was the Copiapo Revolution in Chile in 1865?

Have been asked about the Copiapo Revilution in Chile in 1865 and need basic information and bibliography.

Where in Chile is the mine that collapsed?


Where was the Chile mine rescue?

Copiapo, Chile, South America. See below for city

Near which city did a serious mining accident occur on August 5?

Copiapo, Chile.

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What is the elevation of Chile?


27 degrees south 68 degrees west?

It is the wilderness of the Atacama desert: partway between Copiapo in Chile and Tucuman in Argentina

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the elevation of kilauea is 4000'

What is the elevation of MT Pocono PA?

The elevation is about 520 meters

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Its mt hood and the elevation is 11239

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Missoula's elevation is 3,210 feet (978 meters).

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Mt Egmont has an elevation of 2,518 metres.

What is the highest elevation in the world?

mt. Everest

What is the elevation of Mt Koussi?

11204 FT.

What is the elevation for Mt Mackenzie?

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