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Depends on what right you are talking about. The right hand side facing the engine from the front or right seated in the vehicle. You'll need to specify.

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What is a formatted header?

A formatted header is part of the exhaust manifold that is used to direct exhaust gasses into the open atmosphere

What goes in a header?

Exhaust gases.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a Chevrolet Truck?

On the exhaust header. Normally the drivers side. On the exhaust header. Normally the drivers side.

What is the work of the header?

Header or headers are a high performance version of an exhaust manifold

Locate position of upstream oxygen sensor on Oldsmobile Silhoutte?

Between the exhaust header and the catalytic converter.

Where is the bank 1 O 2 senor located on a Mazda miata 2000?

It is in the exhaust pipe between the header and the catalytic converter. That is, it is downstream from the header, and upstream from the catalytic converter. The first O2 sensor is located under the hood on the driver's side. It is located in the exhaust pipe between the header and the catalytic converter. The second O2 sensor is located in the exhaust pipe between the catalytic converter and the muffler. The wire runs up through the floor board where the connector is located under the carpet under the driver's seat.

Where is the exhaust manifold miata?

The exhaust manifold is the header that starts at the piping on the driver's side of the engine and runs back out to the exhaust.

Would an exhaust header be better than an exhaust manifold?

i header is much better than a manifold better it will give you increased air flow horse power and gas mileage

Can oil fron a valve cover leak drip into the header and blow into the exhaust port and out the header?

Yes it sure can and will if the valve covers are leaking oil and the header gaskets are worn out/ leaking.

What are the six parts of the exhaust system?

The exhaust valve, the exhaust manifold, the header pipe, the catalytic converter, the muffler and the tail pipe, not to mention the clamps and hangers.

What is the normal exhaust temp on a small block 400 at the header?

1100 deg

What would cause a constant very loud tapping or knocking noise in a Chevy 350 engine that does not blow smoke or leak oil and seems to still run good.?

Check operation of exhaust "heat riser" valve. Also check exhaust header gasket for leaks. Heat riser should be near the exhaust header, in exhaust pipe connection.

Can you install a exhaust header from a 2006 WRX to a 2006 2.5i Impreza?

-Rafa Day

Can a 99 jeep wrangler exhaust manifold crack be repaired?

It is not worth the effort since it will probably just crack again; cast iron does not weld well. Use this as a good excuse to put on a header. I got a nice stainless steel header for my 1991 4.0L for $185 including shipping. The exhaust manifolds are also known to crack. If you do not want a header, another option would be to watch for someone that did put on a header but is trying to get rid of the stock exhaust manifold they took off.

What is a header in a car?

Two possible answers that I know of, #1 The first point of entry for the exhaust as it leaves the cylinder head. Generally made of cast iron but not always. The exhaust pipe bolts to it. #2 The very front body section of some autos that holds the headlamps and grille was sometimes called the header or header panel.

How many headers does a engine have?

An engine has one header(exhaust manifold) for each cylinder head it has.

What are the torque specs for a civic exhaust manifold?

Exhaust mainfold to cylinder head 22 ft-lbsExhaust manifold to header pipe 33 ft-lbsExhaust manifold bracket bolts 20 ft-lbs

What is the use of header?

I guess your talking about exhaust headers. They allow the exhaust gases to get out of the engine in a even manner and faster for less back pressure and better performance.

Difference between header and footer in Microsoft Word?

Header- top Footer- bottom

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1995 Land Rover discovery?

On the exhaust header right ahead of the catalytic converter.

How many catalytic does a BMW 2003 745i have?

It has two, left and right, near the exhaust manifolds (header)

Where is shift sensor located on 97 escort?

The shift sensor may be found either on the exhaust manifold, where the exhaust pipe enters the engine block, or it is attached directly in the header pipe beneath the exhaust manifold.

Did headers or exhaust manifolds come first?

Since they are really the same thing, there is no answer. An exhaust manifold is a header and vice/versa.The common cast iron 'exhaust manifolds' are quiet, last forever, and cheap to produce. The headers you refer to are more expensive, short-lived and can be very pricey. But the first guy who bolted a pipe on the exhaust post of his single cylinder motor to keep from getting burned by the exhaust created the first header. He also created the first exhaust manifold. Take your pick.

Will a exhaust leak in the exhaust past the header cause a valve to burn?

No, that's kind of an old wive's tale anyway! The valve material is too good now.

How do you replace the exhaust gasket or donut on a 1992 Geo Tracker?

Loosen two bolts on exhaust manifold and replace donut If it's an 8-valve, then it's probable that the exhaust header has burnt through where it transitions from vertical to horizontal just before connecting to the catalytic converter A new header collector can be fabricated in-place at some shops... check around.