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What is the engine size of 96 Nissan PU?

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PU 2.4L

PU king cab XE 3.0L

PU SE 2.4L

PU short bed XE 2.4L

PU XE 2.4L

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Will an 87 Nissan pu with a 6cyl engine bolt on a 88 Nissan pu 4-cylinder transmission?


1987 Nissan Pu V6 is motor interference or noninterference?

The 3.0 liter V6 in a 1987 Nissan Pickup is an interference engine

Which Engine on a 1989 Nissan PU has 8 spark plugs?

The V8. 8 plugs = 8 cylinders

Location of engine thermostat in 97 Nissan pu?

follow your top radiator hose ,its inside the cover.

96 Nissan pu a slight noise in engine sounds like a lifter eng just stopped while driving sparkplugs flooded will not start unplugged engine control wire and fuse blows when replug why?

Not good. Sounds like engine damage or timing chain broke or jumped a tooth??? I am no expert here. Good luck.

Will a 1985 Nissan pu transmission fit in a 1994 Nissan PU?

no...the parts in a 720 series are not interchangable with the hardbodies. no...the parts in a 720 series are not interchangable with the hardbodies.

Where is the thermostat housing on a 1994 Nissan Kingcab pu truck and how is it removed?

should be top of the engine in front where the top hose from the radiator connects.

Where is the 96 Nissan pickup dipstick?

I have a D21 KA24E engine 1996 Nissan PU and ithe "oil" dipstick should be right next to the spark plug wire going to #4 cylinder. It is between the engine and the brake booster. It has a yellow loop on the end. Always run the engine a minute, then shut it off, wait a minute and check the level. Also remember to pull it out, wipe it off, stick it in slowly, wait for couple seconds, then pull out and check the level. :-)

Where is the ignition relay in a 1997 Nissan PU 2wd?

no such relay.

What models and years are compatible for a used transmission and clutch for a 1992 Nissan extended-cab pickup?

first 2wd or 4wd second 4 cycle or v6 86.5- 95 Pu 2wd Pathfinder 87-95 5 speed (86.5-89 z24 or 90-95 4 cycle or 86.5-95 v6 ) 86.5- 95 Pu 4wd Pathfinder 87-95 5 speed (86.5-89 z24 or 90-95 4 cycle or 86.5-95 v6 ) 89-95 Pu 2wd Pathfinder 89-95 Automatice (v6) 89-95 Pu 4wd Pathfinder 89-95 Automatice (v6) 96-97 Pu 2wd 5 Speed ( 4 cycle ) 96-97 Pu 4wd 5 Speed ( 4 cycle ) 96-97 Pu 2wd Automatice ( 4 cycle ) 96-97 Pu 4wd Automatice ( 4 cycle ) 4 cycle by them selves v6 by them selves

96 Nissan 2400 pu will not crank have spark atplugs have fuel at plugs timed?

by crank you mean the car wont turn on or the starter don't do anything? (as a tech my terminology may be diffrent than yours)

Where is the stop light switch on 95 Nissan PU?

on brake pedal lever

How do you remove the front rotors on a 95 Nissan PU to replace brake pads?

with a 14mm wrench

WHAT coil goes to intake and exhaust on Nissan 720 pu?

i have to coils which coil is the intake coil

85 Nissan 720 pu vacuumline diagram?

I can supply you with a picture if you get in touch with

How do you check timing on 1995 Nissan pu xe with 2.4l?

with a timing light....10 degrees

Where do you find the ECU on a 1985 Nissan 720 PU?

The ECU is underneath the driver's seat of the 720 truck

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How many sizes of dirt bikes is there now?

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How do you reset the computer on 2003 hd Chevy pu?

That requires an engine scanner.

Where is thermostat located 93 Nissan pu V6?

follow the top radiator hose to intake ,its inside the thermostat cover.

What do you look for besides fuses when both the dashboard lights and parking lights don't work on a 98 Nissan Frontier PU?

After checking the fuses in the cab, as well as under the hood. Look for any worn or broken wiring. In the Engine compartment.

What does the timing on a 1994 GMC PU with a 350 engine set on?

It sets in 0 degrees.

On a 1985 Nissan PU with a Z24 engine This has 2 spark plugs on each cylinder your intake side and 1 exhust your question is with the 1 cylinder TDC which plug does the rotor point to?

it points to the first spark plug on the rights side of the block

Will a 96 2wd 4l60e tranny fit a 94 gmc pu 4.3 with one piece case?

no-way ho-say