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Not good. Sounds like engine damage or timing chain broke or jumped a tooth??? I am no expert here. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-20 09:31:19
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Q: 96 Nissan pu a slight noise in engine sounds like a lifter eng just stopped while driving sparkplugs flooded will not start unplugged engine control wire and fuse blows when replug why?
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1998prism what is problem when engine runs fine in neutral andpark but misses in drive and reverse?

With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil. Also try changing the sparkplugs. With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil. Also try changing the sparkplugs. With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil. Also try changing the sparkplugs.

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