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The timing 12 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees. It's the third line from the left, when looking from the front of the engine. The timing is 12 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees. It's the third line from the left, when looking from the front of the engine.

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Q: What is the engine timing for 1987 Nissan pickup v6?
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Does a 1987 Nissan pickup have a timing chain or belt?


Where is the timing marks on a z 24 1987 Nissan pickup?

On the harmonic balacer

1987 Nissan Pu V6 is motor interference or noninterference?

The 3.0 liter V6 in a 1987 Nissan Pickup is an interference engine

If your 1987 Nissan pickup is leak water from manifold what do we need to do?

if your 1987 Nissan pickup leak water from manifold what do we do

Does a 1987 4wd Nissan pickup transmission fit in a 1995 Nissan pickup 4wd?


Where is the PCV valve on a 1987 Nissan hardbody Pickup Z24i engine?

On a 1987 Nissan Hardbody Pickup, the PCV valve is located between the alternator and the oil filter. The valve can be seen when the oil filter has been removed.

Does a Nissan 4 cylinder Z24 engine 1987 pickup hold 4 or 5 quarts?

4.5 qts.

Does a 1987 Nissan Maxima have a cambelt or timing chain?

According to the Gates website , the 3.0 liter V6 in a 1987 Nissan Maxima : has a timing BELT , it's an interference engine , and change the belt at 60,000 miles

How do i change the yoke on my 1987 Nissan pickup?


What happens when the fuel pump goes out on a 1987 Nissan 4x4 pickup?

I have a 1987 Nissan 4x4 pickup. The engine stopped running in the middle of driving. It sounds like it's out of gas. I just put a 1/2 a tank of gas in. Can some one please help me?

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 1987 Nissan pickup?

That info is on pages 18 and 19 of the EF(Engine fuel) & EC(Emission control)section of the 1987 Nissan Truck/Pathfinder service manual.

What is the horsepower for the 1987 Nissan d21 pickup. With a 2.4 liter z 24 8 spark plug engine?

103 hp.

How much is a 1987 Nissan pickup truck worth?


Where is the clutch safety switch on a 1987 Nissan Pickup?

on your clutch pedal

Will a 1988 Nissan pickup transmission fit a 1987?

no they changed in 88.

What is the capacity in a 1987 Nissan pickup automatic transmission?

1987 NISSAN/DATSUN PICKUP 3.0L 6-cyl EngineCAPACITIESAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill2wd ..........7.4 quarts4wd ..........9.0 quarts 1987 NISSAN/DATSUN PICKUP 2.4L 4-cyl EngineCAPACITIESAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill..........7.4 quarts Hope This Helps.

Where is the starter located on 1987 Nissan pickup?

above the oil filter,to the left.

Where is the timing belt on 1987 Chevy Nova?

The 1987 Chevrolet Nova timing belt is located on the front of the engine. You will need to remove the engine cover in order to see the timing belt.

What are the timing settings for a 1987 Nissan Stanza?

timing is 15 degrees before on both std and auto.

How much does a 1987 Nissan king-cab pickup weigh?

Appx. 3100 lbs

1987 Nissan 2.4 pickup wheel rim tire specifications?

is it a 4x4? or 2wd?

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1987 Nissan pickup?

To replace the thermostat on a 1987 Nissan pickup, drain the radiator. Locate the thermostat which is under the top hose assembly, and remove the screws holding it in place. Put the new one in position and refill the radiator.

How do you check the timing on a 1987 celebrity?

The timing on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity is controlled by the engine control module, there is no provision for adjustment.

What is the engine oil capacity of a 1987 Nissan D21 Pickup?

4 quarts w/o filter 4 1/2 quarts w/ filter

How do you drain power steering fluid on a 1987 Nissan pickup.?

Disconnect the low pressure line