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What is the file system used in VMware machine?

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Virtual Machine File System is Cluster_file_system. It is used by VMware_ESX_Server,It was developed and is used to store Virtual_machinedisk images, including snapshots. Multiple servers can read/write the same filesystem simultaneously, while individual virtual machine files are locked. VMFS volumes can be logically "grown" (non-destructively increased in size) by spanning multiple VMFS volumes together. It is not mandatory to use VMFS with VMware; an alternative is Network_File_System_(protocol).

sir system file we used for execute the system with windows . Because without system file we can not boot the system properly may be this is correct answers .

VMWare Backup is a software solution which is used to backup the files of a server. Detailed information on VMWare Backup can be found directly on the VMWare website.

NTFS file system must be used to enable encryption.

There are many files and file types on the Linux system

NTFS (New Technology File System) file system is the only file system that is able to be encrypted fully

VFAT File system......... Virtual File Allocation Table.

UDF version 2.5 file systemUDF version 2.5 File System

NTFS (New Technology File System) FAT (File Allocation Table)

Ext3 refers to the third extended file system that has a journaling capability. It is the default and widely used file system in Linux operating systems.

Mac OS X uses the Mac OS Extended file system, also known as the Hierarchical File System, or HFS.

VMware software is used on a Mac computer in order to boot and use Windows based programs, including the operating system itself. It also allows the user to run Windows programs like Windows Media Player and Outlook.

Binary executables (machine code programs) have a header that tells the operating system what type of executable it is and that determines the layout of the file. If the file is in a recognizable format, the program loader will load the text segment (the machine code) in one region of memory and the data segment in another region. After setting up the main thread's call stack in yet another region of memory, the loader will execute the machine code. The file extension can be used to give a hint to the operating system what type of file it is. In Windows, for instance, executable machine code programs have a .exe file extension while dynamic link libraries have a .dll extension. However, the operating system does not rely on the extension alone, the file must also contain a recognizable header.

VMware management is a software package used to control, manage and supervise multiple virtual machines or VMs. VMware management will allow an administrator to remotely monitor, reset, and alter characteristics of multiple VMs.

Technically 10 on VMWare Workstation - VMNet0 to VMNet9. However, VMNet0 is usually used for bridged networking, VMNet1 is usually used for host-only networking, and VMNet8 is usually used for NAT networking, so you actually have only 7 virtual switches for exclusive virtual machine to virtual machine networking. ESX Server may be different, however, as it supports the use of virtual routers and such, making things much more complicated.

Filesystem is another name for a file system. It is used to control how data is stored and retrieved.

The file called "" is read during the Windows XPboot process. It identifies what hardware devices are attached to the machine, and passes this information to the operating system loader. The file is located at the root of the system partition.

FAT16 (File Allocation Table 16 bit)

it is a 'bitmap' image file used mainly by the windows operating system.

Prior to the use of DBMS Traditional file processing system were in use . These were the system that are used as database that time. These system do not supports the query.

Under Windows, a floppy drive is always formatted using the FAT 12 file system.

On a modern Microsoft Windows computer, the most frequently used file system is NTFS.

Advantage Of file management system is that the data is secured . Also The data is archieved if is not used.

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