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What is the firing order for a 1986-1995 Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus and the position of the wires on the distributor cap?


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There's a great color diagram of the cylinder layout and distributor cap connections.

AnswerThe number one should be marked on the cap. Starting there, with the number one wire, go clockwise: 1,4,2,5,3,6 Answer1,4,2,5,3,6 AnswerThere were 3 engines that year. The 3.0, 3.0 SHO, and 3.8 The firing order on the 3.0 SHO is listed here: http://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-8545.htm The firing order on the 3.0 & 3.8 are the same 1-4-2-5-3-6 The 3.0 distributor rotates clockwise. The 3.8 rotates counterclockwise.

3.0 V-6: http://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-6803.htm

3.8 V-6: http://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-6804.htm

Answer1-4-2-5-3-6 (clockwise distributor rotation) unless its a SHO or a FF
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A 1998 Ford Taurus uses the Electronic Distributorless Ignition System ( EDIS ) with a coil pack , so there is no distributor

The distributor is at the front of the 3.8 L - V6 engine - so COUNTERCLOCKWISE

There isn't one. All 2003 Ford Taurus use a coil pack under the control of the Powertrain Control Module instead of a distributor.

if its a 4v it under the valve cover. if its a 2v it is on top of the half distributor at the rear of the engine under the throttle body.

Having troble timing new distributor in 92 Taurus 3.0 maybe firing order ? crossed wires? Wont smooth out. Help,, PLEASE !

No , it has a coil pack for the 6 engine cylinders

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It uses a coil pack instead of a distributor cap. Follow a spark plug wire to coil pack.

No 2011 Mercury Sable model , but there is a 2011 Ford Taurus

99% sure the Taurus radiator will be a perfect match to the Sable's.

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Michigan, produces the Ford Taurus, and it's fraternal twin, Mercury Sable

There is no longer an ignition "distributor" on today's engine.Electrical distribution is handled by the:Powertrain Control Module (PCM),camshaft position sensor (CPS)ignition coil that looks like a rectangular distributor. NOTE: 2000-2005 Duratec engines use Coil-on-Plug (COP) in lieu of a coilpackBy the way, there is also no longer an ignition control module - that job has been passed off to the PCM.The "How do you know which wire goes where on the ignition coil and spark plugs on a Taurus - Sable" question below introduces the basics of ignition distribution - hopefully it will help folks transition from the old arrangement to the new.

The Mercury Sable and the Ford Taurus will have DOC in printed on the engine if they are dual overhead cam engines. The symbol should be on the top of the engine.

buy a manual at auto zone its only about 10 dollars

yes there is 2004 Ford Taurus Throttle Position Sensor - Partstrain.com

how do you reset the throttle position sensor on a Ford Taurus 3.8 1992

The camshaft position sensor is located beneath the wheel on a 1998 Ford Taurus 6 cylander Dohc.

No, a Generation 2 (1992-1995) Taurus/Sable Windshield will NOT fit a Generation 3 (1996-1999) Ford Taurus/Sable.

No - the relationships are:Ford Taurus => Mercury SableFord Contour => Mercury MystiqueThis applies to all model years

Ford Motor Company makes Fords, Lincolns & Mercurys. The Mercury Sable is the same car as a Ford Taurus, just different names and a little different trim. they use the same parts.

The distributor cap screws to the distributor. Buy a new set of wires and replace them one at a time to avoid mixing them up. The coil just unbolts.

Computer controlled If you have a 3.0 you can turn the distributor to adjust, after you pull out the adjustment chip.

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