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Look where the spark plug wires connect to the thing that fires them (i cant remember what the heck its called)

You will see some numbers.On a 96 Saturn sl2 DoHC it looks like this

4/2 1/3 4/2 1/3

The number on the left is for the two connectors on the left, and likewise for the other two.

So the firing order for the 96 Saturn sl2 would be:

4 1 2 3 (for instance)

That doesnt mean its your firing order.To be 100% sure, check your numbers, or check a manual... or simply call your local Saturn dealership and talk to their mechanic.

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Q: What is the firing order for a 1995 Saturn sl2?
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What is the firing order on a 1993 Saturn sl2 twin cam?

What is the firing order on a 1993 saturn sl2 twin cam?

What does firing order for a 1995 Saturn SL2 19 engine what does 42 13 42 13 mean?

The correct firing order is 1-3-4-2.

What is the firing order for a 1994 Saturn SL2?


How much coolant does a 1995 Saturn SL2 hold?

A 1995 Saturn SL2 will hold 7 quarts of coolant. Saturn vehicles are no longer made but can still be serviced by GMC dealerships.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

== == In the fuel tank.

How do you install a ingnition for a 1995 Saturn sl2?

Switch or cylinder?

Will a motor out of a 1994 Saturn sl2 work in a 1995 Saturn sl2?

I am prettysure you can change the motor as long as the body structure is the same and you have skill in this sort of thing.

Does a 1995 Saturn SC1 have a factory alarm?

my 1995 Saturn sl2 has a factory alarm, my daughters 1997 sc1 also has one

Where is the Saturn 1995 sl2 cabin filter?

There is no cabin air filter

What is the spark plug gap for a 1995 Saturn sl2 with dohc?

It's .040

How do you reset the computer on a 1995 Saturn sl2?

Disconnect the battery for about 20 seconds.

How many miles should a Saturn 1993 SL2 ac last?

I drove my 1995 Saturn sl2 until it had 263,000 miles on it. At that time, the transmission started to slip. I then gave it to a friend, to buy a newer Saturn sl1.

Where can I get a service manuel for my Saturn SL2?

1993 Saturn sl2

Where is the diagnostic port located on the 1995 Saturn sl2?

Below and to the left of the steering column.

Where is the fuel pump cut-off switch located on a 1995 Saturn sl2?

There is none.

What is the plug firing order for a 1999 Saturn sl2?

The firing order for the Saturn in-line 4 cylinder engine is: 1-3-4-2 Connect the plug wires to the coil pack (on the front surface of the engine block) in the following order (left to right) 4-1-3-2. The Saturn has 2 coils, one coil controls cylinders 1 and 4. The other coil controls cylinders 3 and 2.

How much would a valve cover gasket be for a 1995 Saturn sl2?

25-35 bucks

Can you get to fuel pump from under the back seat on 1995 Saturn sl2?

No You have to drop the tank have fun

Where is the computer port in a 1995 saturn sl2?

Under the dashboard, just next to the steering column.

How much oil does a 1995 Saturn SL2 hold?

coolant capacity for the 96 Saturn SC2 is 7 quarts, almost 2 gallons.

Where is the transmission pan for a 97 Saturn sl2?

do a 99 Saturn sl2 have a transmission pan gasket

How do you replace the pcm coolant temperature sensor on a 1995 Saturn sl2 dohc?

Refer to the link below

What is the firing order for a 95 Saturn sl2?

this can sometimes be a confusing answer, I will try to clarify it as much as i can. According to Saturn timing specifications, the internal firing order for the Saturn 1.9L motor, both Single overhead cam, or Twin cam is as follows: Left to right 1-3-4-2 If you are routing spark plug wires, and need to know the order of wires from the coils to the engine, the order is as follows: Left to right 4-1-2-3

How do you fix a power mirror on a 1995 Saturn sl2?

Rather than fixing it yourself, you should take it to a professional.

Where is the turbine speed sensor on 1995 Saturn sl2?

beside the transmission filter, under the airbox where the air filter is