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What is the firing order for a 88 s10 pick up 4-cylinder?

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April 23, 2007 8:26PM

The firing order is 1-3-4-2. Count from front of engine 1 -2-3-4. 4 in back. Now under your distributor cap is a rotor. Remember were the rotor is pointed to. Now set the distributor cap back on. The firing order will start at the post that the rotor was pointed. That post will be No: 1. Put the plug wire on it & on your fist plug in front of engine. Now looking at the distributor, go {clock wise} to the next plug wire on the distributor & it will be N0: 3. Put it on the 2nd plug from front to back of engine. Do the same steps for the next two 4 & 2. As long as you have not taken the hole distributor out of the engine. all should be well. If you have taken out the distributor, then you will need to re-take it out again. And pull out the No: 1 spark plug. Then turn the crankshaft over to the two marks on the front bottom pulley. This will bring the N0: 1 piston to the top of the cylinder head & the mark at 0 on bottom. If one of your vales are open at this point, then turn over the engine once more to the mark. Check & make sure that the N0:1 piston is up, & both vales closed. Now set the distributor back inside, with the rotor pointed at the front right of the engine . Remember this is were to start from when you put the distributor cap back on. At this point front right will be No: 1 & go {clock wise} to 3 4 & 2. Hope you did not need to go through all of this & only needed the firing order. Good Luck!! M.C.S. The Missouri Crack Shot.....Bye Bye!!!