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When an amendment to the constitution is proposed, it must be passed by both houses of the Congress by a two-thirds majority. Then it goes on to be passed by either the legislatures or conventions in the states, where it must be ratified by 3/4 of them.

A second method (never used) is to get 2/3 of the legislatures of the states to call for a constitutional convention at which one or more amendments are proposed. If passed, any and all amendments from this convention would then have to be passed by 3/4 of the state legislatures or conventions again.

The convention method has never been used to propose an amendment. It has been used to ratify one, which was the 21st Amendment, repealing the 18th Amendment, which was national prohibition.

(The "informal method" indicates that the meaning of the Constitution can be changed without the text being altered. This is done judicially.)

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Apex - allow the law to change to reflect changing times.

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It proposes and passes amendments.

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Q: What is the formal process to amend the US Constitution?
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In comparison to the US Constitution how difficult is it to amend State constitutions?

In comparison to the United States Constitution, how difficult is it to amend State constitutions

What fraction of states is needed to amend the US Constitution?


How many Amendments are there to the US Constitution why it necessary to amend it?

there r 27 and its important to amend them so they can be remembered

What is necessary to add an amendment to US Constitution?

It is not necessary to amend the Constitution. It is a complete document. From time to time, people felt it would be beneficial to amend the Constitution in order to clarify the intent of the original Constitution.

Did the us amend the constitution to make communism illegal?


What are the two steps to amend the US Constitution?

proposal and ratification

Why was the US Constitution convention held?

To amend the Articles of Confederation

Where in the US Constitution does it refer to a Constitutional Convention as a means to amend the US Constitution?

Article V of the US Constitution establishes the basic means of making amendments.

Is the bill of rights a formal or informal amendment process?

The Bill of Rights was formally adopted into the US constitution.

What article sets forth the ways to amend the constitution of the US?


What article tells how to ratify the constitution?

The word ratify means "to pass, or approve".So, you're essentially asking which article of the constitution tells us how to approve the constitution and make it law.I think what you mean is "What article tells us how to amend the constitution." To amend the constitution means to somehow change it, which has only happened 27 times.Article #5 tells us how to amend the constitution.

A formal change to the US constitution?


What is an amendment to the US Constitution?

An amendment is an addition to the U.S. Constitution. It may amend or change something that is in the Constitution or it may be a new law which affects something not mentioned in the Constitution.

Describe the methods available to amend the constitution?

There are several methods that can be used to amend the US Constitution. The Congress can agree to change the Constitution by getting a vote of two thirds of the representatives. Another method is for state legislatures to ask Congress to convene a convention in order to change the Constitution.

Patrick Henry opposed the adoption of the US Constitution When it was accepted as the law of the land he did what?

statarted a campain to amend the constitution with a bill of rights

What is it called when you change or amend the constitution?

A change to the US Constitution is called an amendment. There are currently 27 amendments that have been added since the Constitution was adopted in 1789.

What formal changes have been made in the constitution?

There has been a fairly large number of formal changes made to the US Constitution. As of 2014, there have been 27 formal amendments to the document.

When is the US Supreme Court going to stop the First Amendment?

The US Supreme Court is not going to "stop the First Amendment"; they lack authority to change the Constitution. Article V of the US Constitution explains the formal amendment process.

Why is it easier to amend the AZ constitution compared to the US Constitution?

the AZConstitution only deals with one state less people the the whole country. And the Us Constitution to go through congress good luck with that one.

How can Congress informally amend the US Constitution?

~passing basic legislation ~adding meaning to skeletal portions of the Constitution ~simply exercising many of its powers

Is the necessary and proper clause formal or informal amendment process?

Neither. The Necessary and Proper Clause is part of the original Articles of the US Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 18), so it's not an amendment, but is a formal part of the US Constitution. When use of the Necessary and Proper clause is expanded beyond the justifiable reach of Congress, that would be considered an informal amendment process.

What was the president's formal role in modifying the US Constitution to include the ERA?

The US president has no formal role in changing the Constitution. He does not even formally approve amendments that are proposed by Congress. Of course, he can lobby for an amendment if he wishes .

What percentage of the Congress and of the state conventions is needed to ratify and amend the Constitution of the US?

The Amendment process is the formal way to change the Constitution. An amendment may be proposed by two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress or by a convention called by Congress at the request of two-thirds of the state legislatures. Ratification of an amendment takes three-fourths of the states to approve.

Definition of amendment process?

The process of changing or adding to the US Constitution.

Can the US Supreme Court declare a constitutional amendment unconstitutional?

No. The justices (and all elected federal officials) take an oath to uphold the US Constitution. The Constitution is the highest law in the United States and can only be changed via the formal amendment process outlined in Article V.

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