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Try "une robe t-shirt"

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Q: What is the french for a t-shirt dress?
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What is the dress code for an actuary?

A tshirt, jeans, and a legionnaires cap

What is tshirt in French?

A T-shirt is called the same in French - and even pronounced the same. It is considered a masculine noun.

How do the French decorate and dress for Christmas?

The French do not dress-up.

How do you spell dress french?

Une robe is how dress is spelled in French.

How do you say dress in French?

The French word for dress (noun) is "une robe" (fem.). The verb "to dress" is "habiller".

How do you spell dress in french?

a dress in french is une robe.

How do you say A blue dress in French?

a blue dress in french is " une robe bleue".

How do french men dress?

french man dress in tuxedos and other fancy expensive clothes

How do you say a white dress in french?

"A white dress" in French would be "une robe blanche."

How do you say cocktail dress in French?

A cocktail dress is 'une robe de cocktail' in French.

How can you dress like Miranda Cosgrove?

Why don't you try the typical iCarly style: Skirt with leggings and pump shoes.add a cool tshirt or a tank

Is dress masculine or feminine in french?

the dress in French means " la robe" la = feminine le= masculine, so dress is feminine

How do you dress as a mime?

Just dress as a french person

What is I like your dress in French?

i like your dress mean j'aime ta robe in french

What is in french for beautiful dress?

beautiful dress -- belle robe

Where can you get corporate tshirt in chennai?

you can get your customised corporate tshirt, promotional tshirt , customised sports tshirt, school uniform tshirts in "CHENNAI TSHIRTS" or call 9884344347. your search for customised tshirt ends here.

How do you say red dress in French?

A red dress is 'une robe rouge' in French. Robe is a feminine noun.

What to wear at 23 degrees?

Three quarter pants and a tshirt with a light jacket around your waist Shorts a top and a cardigan Jeans and a tshirt A dress with stockings or tights A skirt with a top and cardi and stockings or tights

How do you dress like a deathcore band member?

black vans, black skinny jeans, and a tshirt. every deathcore band I've seen live wears that.

How do french girls dress show me a picture?

French girls dress just like English ones. Sorry I don't have a picture.

What do Egyptian kids wear this year?

black gladiator Dress/top (for girls) and Black gladitor leggings and for boys Blue or Black buttoned v kneck tshirt .

What the word dress in french?

its a robe

How do you say the way I dress in French?

the way I dress is "la façon dont je m'habille" or "ma façon de m'habiller" in French.

What is the traditional dress of the french?

they wear fat dress with color so they can be thankful for what they are doing

How do you say dress to impress in french?

s'habiller pour impressionner i'm french :)