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What is the front speaker size for a 98 wrangler?


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2007-12-25 10:39:17
2007-12-25 10:39:17

4" x 6" I hope this helps :)


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A '98 Buick Regal, as with other cars, has a different size of speaker for the front and back. The front speaker size would be 5 1/4 inches, and the rear is 6 inches by 9 inches.?æ

No. The '98 Jeep Wrangler has a sealed bearing hub assembly.

More than likely 5x7s.

Not without modification, they are different models of wrangler

Lever behind passenger seat. flips front seat forward and leans it ip

The wiper relay on a 98 Wrangler is located under the hood. It is in the relay/fuse housing on the passenger side of the car.

SUBARUMemory (+12v Constant) Red/GreenIgnition (+12v Switched) Blue/YellowGround (-) BlackIlluminationDimmerPower Antenna Red/WhiteLeft Front Speaker (+) YellowLeft Front Speaker (-) Blue/RedRight Front Speaker (+) WhiteRight Front Speaker (-) Blue/BlackLeft Rear Speaker (+) Yellow/WhiteLeft Rear Speaker (-) Blue/RedRight Rear Speaker (+) White/BlueRight Rear Speaker (-) Blue/Black

The speaker sizes for 97-2001 mountaineer that would make a stock fit would be a 5x7" speaker for front and rear. The Ford/Lincoln/Mercury company is notorious for using this size. You can also double check those kind of figures for any vehicle on, a leading online audio/video company.

You don't need to remove front door panels, the speaker grills come out.

Not without modification, the body changes from the YJ to the TJ models.

Front is 25x8x12 and Rear is 25x10x10

what is the switch located in the battery tray on a 98 jeep wrangler

No, completely different roll bar set ups there.

6.5 componets up front and 4x10's in rear

from80's to 98 its a 6x8 in front and back

if its like my 98 which it should be the same they are 4x6's

according to "crutchfield" Factory replacement info: : In-dash stereo : 8-11/16" depth; Size code E,S,U : Front speakers : Dash: 4" : Front Door: 6-3/4" : Far rear speakers : Rear Seat Side Panels: 6x9"

If it is the rear speaker it is 9 x 6 Ovals for the Honda accord coupe 98. should be similar for the sedan.

depends on witch ones but the rear are 7 /.5 and front is 4 /.50

they are located on either side of the block

The speaker sizes for a 1998 Lincoln Town car, are as follows: Front: 6" x 8" Rear: 6" x 9" Front door: 6" x 8" Rear deck: 6" x 9" Both the front and the rear speakers are oval.

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