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What is the fuel mixture needed for a kx 250?

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βˆ™ 2007-08-29 21:14:20

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It depends on the elevation you are running.. lower elevation= dence air. Factory settings are 2 1/2 turns out. Start from there and go for a run take your sparkplug out and check the color... If its white then you are running too lean turn it 1/2 turn out until you run it and its brown in color. If you take the sparkplug out and its wet you are too rich. Turn it in 1/2 a turn until brown. If you are asking about what ratio to mix 2 cycle fuel then if you are using a synthetic oil its 40:1 regular oil is 32:1

2007-08-29 21:14:20
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What is the fuel mixture for a 250cc 2 stroke engine?

what is the fuel and oil mixture for a kx 250, 2 stroke

Fuel mixture for 1999 kx 250?

you would mix it at 32.1 ratio which is 4 ounces of oil per gallon

What is the fuel oil mixture for a 1995 kawasaki kx-250?

40 to one with Belray MC1. I love The belray products for years. They are great products.

What is the Fuel mixture for a kx 250?

I have 2004 KX250 and i mix it at 40:1. The manual says 32:1 ,but i kept fouling plugs.

Fuel mixture for 1979 kx 80?


Fuel system settings for 95 kx 250?

Fuel system settings????????????????????? Reserve , ON, OFF

What is the correct fuel mixture for a 1990 KX 80?


What is the fuel mixture for a 1987 KX 80?

The fuel to oil ratio should be 32:1

Oil mixture for a kawasaki kx 250 1979 dirt bike?


Is a 1994 kx 250 faster than a 1993 kx 250?

no 93 kx 250 had more performance parts on them

How much does a 2000 kx 250 weigh?

230 ibs without fuel

How tall is a kx 250?

a kx 250 is about 4 ft tall

Should you swap your kx 250 for a quadzilla 250?

no 250's in gen are not that powerful is it was a 500 i would do it but i would keep the kx if it was a 250 the kx is way faster

How fast is a kx 250?

my 99 model kx 250 does 85 mph

What is the correct fuel oil mixture for a kawasaki?

well I have an 05 kx 250 and i run mine 40:1. it say's to run it 32:1, but i like it to run a bit hot.

Spark plug gap for 1988 kx 250?

my kx 250 is not getting spark

Will a 1989 kx 250 engine fit in a 2000 kx 250 frame?


What is the Oil mixture 98 kx 250?

32 to 1 being 8oz of oil to 1 gallon of gas

Is a 1998 kx 250 a good bike?

yes , 1998 kx 250 BIKE OF THE YEAR 1998

1988 kx 250 not getting good spark?

1988 kx 250 not getting good spark now what can i do

Is a 98 kx 250 engine the same as a 99 kx 250?

Search for 99 Kawasaki KX 250 and you should find all the info about the engines. From what I have read there are some differences in the two. Hope this helps you out.

Suspension settings kawasaki kx 250 1999?

suspension settings on front and rear shocks on 1999,kx 250

Fuel mixture 1994 kx 125?

32:1 is the standard oil mixture on the kx125 a little more oil is way better then too little!

Is a Yamaha 250 dirt bike faster then a kx 250?


What years of kx 250 kawasaki gas tanks are compatible with a 97?

Any kx 250 tank from the year 1997 will definitely fit.