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What is the function of a heater valve on a 1995 ford ranger?


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It controls the flow of water from the engine cooling system into the passenger compartment heater core.


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Remove the heater control valve and replace it.

The 1995 Ford Ranger 3.0 liter engine PCV valve can be found on the top of the engine. The PCV valve will be on the back side of the air cleaner.

On a 1995 Ford Ranger : The heater blower motor is in the ENGINE COMPARTMENT , near the firewall , on the passenger side of the engine

The block heater on a 1995 Ford Ranger is in the engine space under the hood. The plug for the heater block is located near the front of the engine.

Yes you will have a heater control valve but try and locate one from other than the dealer because it will cost you around $135.00 dollars.........

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i think you might be talking about the heater hoses , if so it might be the heater control valve . the is a upper and lower radiator hose , but nothing should be between them.

Its under the cowl in engine compartment (close to windshield) in one of the heater hoses that leads to heater core. Black and white plastic with a small vacuum hose attached to the top.

It's the VIN " X " ( 8th " character " of VIN ) 4.0 liter over head valve - V6 engine

I have a 94 Astro but the heater control valve should be in the same location. Look under the hood on the passenger side. There are two heater hoses behind the coolant reservoir and windshield washer reservoir. The hoses attach to the heater control valve. The valve has a round vacuum actuator on the side, and two more heater hoses leave the control valve and go into the heater core housing. Cost for the valve will probably be somewhere between $50 & $70 To replace it, remove the coolant reservoir and the windshield washer reservoir. Remember, or mark, the hoses for the washer if you have a rear washer. The electrical connections only go on one way. Remove the clamps securing the front heater hoses and remove the hoses from the valve. Remove the clamps holding the heater hoses coming off the back of the valve where they are attached to the heater core. These two hoses are factory attached to the valve and the new valve (from the dealer) comes with the hoses attached to the rear of the valve. The clamps are back in a small space behind the valve, rather hard to get to. We pulled the bracket with the three square relays situated above the hoses to allow easier access. Install in reverse order. Good luck.

On a 1995 Ford Ranger : The ODOMETER is near the center of your speedometer

Where is the water temperature sender 1995 ford ranger 2.3?In: Ford [ranger]

There isn't a water control valve on a Dodge Ram. The heater core gets full flow all the time, the amount of air inside the HVAC housing that goes through the heater core is what regulates output temp. That airflow is controlled by a blend air door.

heater control valvevery hard to do, you must lean over the top of the engine to disconnect the hose at the heater core where the hose comes thru the firewall, then do the rest of the work from underneath the van on the passengers side. altho i found it is a bit easier if you remove the power steering pump and reach your hands down to the valve, aproximatly on top of the oil filter. There is a vacuum line attached to the valve

you have to remove the dash to get to it, it is well worth it to pay someone else to do it, it took me 2 days to do mine

On a 1995 Ford Ranger # 17 fuse is for the cigarette lighter.

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this is from experience... you have to remove the whole dash to get to the heater core under the glove box, it took me 2 days. I would take it to the shop and let them have the headache. I guarantee that will be money well spent

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