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What is the function of satellite communication?

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The satellite is used to receive foreign broadcast from other network stations and send it home users


Satellite communication is a process where a radio signal is transmitted to a satellite above your horizon. That satellite rebroadcasts that signal, on a different frequency, either to a ground station, or to another satellite to be relayed further. It allows communications without any local infrastructure, such as wires, towers, or other equipment. All that is needed is a receiver/transmitter which operates in the correct frequency bands, and which has sufficient power and sensitivity to communicate with a satellite, and the satellites.

Satellite communication allowed the boats in the Volvo Round the World Ocean sailboat race to communicate with the race headquarters, irregardless of where in the world the boats were.

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Satellite communication is when a signal gets sent to space, bounces off of a satellite, and comes back to Earth. This is a very common source of communication.

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