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What is the function of the spores?


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Spores are like the seeds in flowering trees and conifers except they are smaller and many thousand can be released in one spore sac. The spores enable a plant to grow again but only ferns, mosses and liverworts have spores.

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Encloses the spores. When it is time to release the spores, it is the duty of the sporangium to do so.

A sporangium produces spores.

fungal spores are the fungus's seeds. they travel with the wind and replant themselves.

The function of a mushroom gill is where the spores are found. The function of a mushroom gills is to provide a large surface are on which the spores can develop and from which they can be dispersed.

The function of gills on a mushroom is to hold and release the spores that a mushroom produces.

These are reproductive spores on the underside of the leaves of ferns.

Akinetes are resting spores in Algae .

There are where the spores form and from where they are distributed into the air.

Mold spores are replete with organelles which is a complex of cellular structure. The nucleus is the most conspicuous organelles. It contains the DNA and has the function of reproduction. In prokaryotic spores the DNA is free in their cytoplasma.

The spores are protected by hard protective coat because the environment the spores might land, is not that very friendly. And the function of that covering is to protect the spore.

Spores are like the fungi's version of seeds. they are released into the air when ever a gust of wind blows or a water droplet hits it

These are it's seeds that produce new small plantlets.

No Yeast cells produce spores which serve the same function as seeds

It has spores (holes) that allow materials to go in and out of nucleus, like RNA for example

The function of spores is to allow bacteria to survive unfavourable conditions. In ideal conditions they reproduce rapidly. When conditions deteriorate they form highly resistant spores to survive until conditions become more suitable.

Both spores & pollen grains are small. They can ride the wind or be carried by insects.

spores are not seeds and seeds are not spores

To raise the crown (round cap) high enough to let the spores drop down and scatter.

i think its like small airborn seads or eatier its like polian sorry about my spelling

No , spores are not autotrophic .

Yes they do have spores

Spores are usually dispersed on the wind. If some spores land in a stream, the water will carry the spores downwards.

If you are talking about mushroom spores, then Fungi If you are talking about mushroom spores, then Fungi

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