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What is the fuse number for the wipers on a 306 TD?

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Pre April 1997 the font wiper is covered by fuse No.9 if a 13 fuse box or fuse 24 if a 30 fuse box i.e. some have 13 fuses and some 30 fuses. Try 24 and 28 after 1997

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Where is the cigarette lighter fuse on a 1996 n reg vauxhall astra 1.7 td?

It is fuse number 20 in the interior fuse panel.

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is it difficult to change a heater matrix on a t reg puegeot 306 td

How many miles should 306 td do to tank full?

400 miles

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How do you sort the central locking on a peogeot 306 td which fuse is it?

Pre 97 - Fusebox with 30 fuses a 20amp fuse No. 15 also 20amp No. 22 and 15amp No. 30 '97 to 2000 - Fuse box with 23 or 30 fuses a 15 amp No.14(also protects audio equipment) also a 15amp No. 28

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My Peugeot 306 1.9 TD wont start it turns but does not fire if your lucky and it does fire it will start all day?

sounds like the glow plugs need replacing