What is the happiest animal?

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Well all happiness is determined by how well their treated or if they feel safe.
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What are The happiest jobs?

Answer . Do any job you want as you are happy with that job you will be fine. New Answer (from WEEVIE) If you can pay your bills, then you go on to the next 'level' of searching for a happy job.. Look toward yourself - eg: do you NEED to be creative? Most people in real life need:. Boss to ( Full Answer )

What is the happiest country on earth?

A recent research carried by American National Scientific Foundation proved that Denmark is the number 1 as far as the country of happiest people is concerned.second is the Latin country of Colombia.America stood 16th in the list. Zimbabwe was the last in the list,while Russia and Iraq were amongs ( Full Answer )

What is the happiest city in the US?

\n. \nWillard\n. \nnew orleans, or even philadelphia aka "the city of brotherly love"\n. \nOR....\n. \nThis is why WikiAnswers shouldn't be a final destination in the quest for knowledge. Men's Health compiled a list of the happiest and most depressed cities in America... And Philadelphia lite ( Full Answer )

Who is the happiest person of world?

Some say it is the Dahlii Lama of Tibet (currently in India) the happiest person in the world has to be kayleigh attwood, he is always smiling!

When are dogs the most happiest?

dogs are most happiest when you play with them or just get them a new toy or bone or, when you just love on them or take them for a walk. Dogs are easily amused. :-)

Who is the happiest couple on earth?

Recent research has shown that the happiest couple on earth is the pairing of Jeff and Siyuan. Their personalities compliment each other so well that they can remain euphoric for an infinite amount of time.

Ranking of the Happiest country in the World?

In a report on the Forbes website, journalist Francesca Levy says, "...rich countries are happier-and that's no coincidence." The Gallup World Poll surveyed 155 countries between 2005 and 2009 to measure two types of 'well being'; overall satisfaction with your life and a life evaluation score with ( Full Answer )

Where is the summary of the happiest boy in the world?

Happiest Boy in the World by NVM Gonzalez Julio , who had come from Tablas to settle in Barok, was writing a letter, of all people, Ka Ponso, his landlord, one warm June night. It was about his son, Jose, who wanted to go to school in Mansalay that year. Jose was in fifth grade when Julio and his ( Full Answer )

What is a summary of the happiest boy in the world?

Julio , who had come from Tablas to settle in Barok, was writing a letter, of all people, Ka Ponso, his landlord, one warm June night. It was about hiks son, Jose, who wanted to go to school in Mansalay that year. Jose was in fifth grade when Julio and his family had left Tablas the year before and ( Full Answer )

Essays on your happiest moment?

any points idea on the essay that i have to write on 'the happiest moment in my life'... what am i suppose to write?. no idea at all...any idea please?

Happiest moment in life?

The happiest moment in a person's life will be different with everyperson. Some feel a birth of a child or a marriage are theirhappiest moments.

What spongebob happiest day?

I could say it was in the episode "The Best Day Ever" but it wasn't so good for him. I could also say it might be in the episode "F.U.N" but he was betrayed. So It'd probably be in the first episode where he gets his job at the Krusty Krab.

What is the happiest song ever?

The happiest song ever is probably Joy of Living by Wiklund. Answer I would say the 1920s music-hall song by Charles Jolly, called The Laughing Policeman . The laughing is quite infectious,and would bring a smile to anyones face.

What rhymes with happiest place on earth?

Words and phrases that rhyme with earth : (36 results) . 1 syllable : berth , birth , dearth , firth , furth , gerth , girth , hirth , kerth , kurth , mirth , perth , werth , wirth , worth , wurth 2 syllables : at birth , breech birth , fort worth , give bir ( Full Answer )

Story of the happiest boy in the world?

The happiest boy in the world has a very happy story. He was borninto a very happy family who loved him and he died surrounded bythis same family.

Who was the happiest US President?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who greatly enjoyed being president, never complained about its burdens, had no fear of the future, and who simply and naively couldn't conceive how anyone might not want to be President of the United States.. See, among many other sources, the biography No Ordinary Ti ( Full Answer )

What is the most happiest country in the world?

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is a ranking system of happiness per citizen in each country by the New Economics Foundation. Since 2009, Costa Rica has been ranked the happiest country in the world.

What are the ten happiest countries in the world?

Denmark . Switzerland . Austria . Iceland . Finland . Australia . Sweden . Canada . Guatemala . Luxembourg. http://www.financialjesus.com/how-to-get-rich/top-10-happiest-countries/

Who is happiest person in the world?

Nobody in this world is always happy. And nobody can be regarded as the happiest person in the world. But every person who he(or she) considers himself(or herself) as the happiest person in the world can be the happiest one. (i.e. the one who always stays happy) Every person (human) has one so ( Full Answer )

Happiest moment in year life?

My School Days School Days Memorable One i cannot forget the day when i got very good marks in 10th standard.its was the happiest moment and very memorable one. i work hard and achieved my goal.my parents were very happy and my teachers were proud of me.we all the friends celebrated that day,we ( Full Answer )

What is the happiest city in the world?

There have been a few surveys. A 2013 Forbes survey found that the San Jose-area was the happiest place in the US for young professionals, and a recent Gallup poll showed that Lincoln, Neb. was the happiest US city for all its inhabitants. The happiest top-3 cities worldwide, according to a GfK Mar ( Full Answer )

When is Rihanna at her happiest?

Obviously Rhianna is at her happiest when she is on stage singing her heart out with her loving passionate fans - like any other famous singer! i know this because interviews on the TV don't lie when the actual person is answering the questions...x

What is a description of the happiest moment of life?

The happiest moment of your life is when you have Haley Berry, Christina Aguilara, Beyounce, or Jessica Simpson at your side ridin your you know what every second of the freakin day. Then you get all of them to blow you to a much need heavliy high

What is the happiest animal in the world?

The Elephant Theory: When it is sunny, we're more happy (the majority of times), yes? When it is rainy and usually a bit dark and gloomy, we often get a little morbid about it, yes? Yes. Elephants live in hot climates, such as India and Africa, etc. therefore the sun is always shining. This will ( Full Answer )

Justin Biebers happiest when?

Justin Bieber is happiest when he has his friends and family around him. He is also happiest when he gets good news about his albums and singles.

How do you get evee to its happiest?

just level it up intill it gets max freindship but if you do u need to do it at night or itll beomce espon unless that's what u whant

What was the happiest moment of your life?

Umm not a smart question. But I think the happiest moment of my life is when Im with my family and friends and having a great also when GOD brought me on this Earth!

What is the happiest age?

According to a recent survey, 33 is the happiest age. The age when humans are happiest can vary widely person to person. A British website posed the question and found that 70% of people over 40 surveyed chose age 33 as their happiest. One in three credited children as boosting their joy. Only si ( Full Answer )

Which conutry is the strongest and happiest conutry?

it is The United states, Everyone knows that. if you don,t know go online there was very bad guys trying to bomb the new york tallest building in United states. they are jealous America is better, so they bomb it and see who,s the best! but America is still the best.

Why is Bhutan the happiest country in the world?

Because Bhutan is a Buddhist country. It is the foolish who seeks happiness outside oneself and it is the wise who seeks happiness within oneself. Thus all the Bhutanese are satisfied with what they have. Besides this Bhutan is very rich in natural resources.

Is happiest an adverb or adjective?

The word 'happiest' is an adjective; the superlative form of theadjective 'happy' (happier, happiest). There are three types of adjectives: -Normal adjectives -Comparative adjectives, comparing only out of two things -Superlative adjectives, comparing three or more things. For bad, it would be: -B ( Full Answer )

Is happiest a verb?

No, the word 'happiest' is an adjective. Specifically, 'happiest' is in the superlative form of the adjective 'happy'.

What does happiest mean?

"Happy" is the opposite of "sad". Therefore the happiest person in the world is the one that is the least sad.

Is happiest an abstract noun?

No, the word 'happiest' is an adjective, the superlative form for the adjective happy (happier, happiest). The noun form for the adjective happy is happiness.

Which is the happiest animal on earth?

Quokka: The happiest animal in the world Even though dogs are a man's best friend, they aren't the happiest. And neither are other domesticated pets like cats. The happiest animal on the planet can be found in Southwestern Australia. It's known as the Quokka. Unlike other dangerous Australian ani ( Full Answer )