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Q: What is the hardy weinburg principle?
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Hardy Weinburg

What is the uses of hardy weinburg?

The Hardy-Weinberg principle is a bit like the "Punnett square for populations". A Punnett square can predict the probability of offspring's genotype based on parents' genotype, or the offsprings' genotype can be used to reveal the parents' genotype. The Hardy-Weinberg principle can be used to calculate the frequency of particular alleles based on frequency diseases. This principle can determine useful but difficult-to-measure facts about a population.

What must be true for a hardy weinburg equilibrium to occur?

No allele can give an advantage

If you know the phenotypes of all organisms in a population you can calculate the allelic frequency of the population?

Yes, use the Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium equation.

Who developed the principle of genetic equilibrium?

Hardy-Weinberg Principle.

A population consists of 9 percent white sheep and 91 percent black sheep what is the frequency of the black wool allele if the black wool allele is dominant and the white wool allele is recessive?

If you assume hardy-weinburg equilibrium, then:let B = frequency of black allele (dominant)b = frequency of white allele (recessive)BB (or B^2) = frequency of homozygous black sheep2Bb = frequency of heterozygous black sheepbb (or b^2) = frequency of white sheepSince 9% of the sheep are white, the frequency of white sheep is 0.09, or bb = 0.09, so b=.3, which means B = 1-b = 1-.3 = 0.7You should check to make sure that the hardy-weinburg assumption holds:BB = 0.492Bb = 0.42And BB + 2Bb = 0.91, which is the frequency of black sheep. ?The hardy-weinburg assumption is valid!

The Hardy-Weinberg principle is written what does the p represent?

p is the value of an allele frequency.

Which one of the statements presents a condition of the Hardy-Weinberg principle?

No statements, but a few of the Hardy-Weinberg conditions. Random mating. No gene flow. No natural selection.

What does the Hardy Weinberg principle predict?

Genotype frequencies in a population.

Which of the following is a condition that must exist before the Hardy-Weinberg principle is met?

no gene flow

Allele frequencies in a population tend to remain the same from generation to generation unless acted on by outside influences?

Genetic equilibrium is a theoretical concept used to study the dymamics of single alleles in the population gene pool. In practice, there is no situation in which allele frequencies do not drift to some degree. Large populations may slow drift down, but there will still be drift.

The work of hardy and weinberg led to what statement about evolution?

Evolution is changes in the gene pool's allele frequencies.Evolution is changes in the gene pool's allele frequencies